Feb 192020

Overeating and obesity are directly proportional to each other in general and unfortunately most people continue to eat anything and in any quantity even after being aware of consequences of overeating. There is no doubt the fact that obesity is a quiet killer perhaps it is an epidemic which is spreading at a rapid rate especially in western countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that more then 60% of the adults in US are found to be obese.

Overeating being the vital factor in giving rise to this disease must be curbed as soon as possible by creating awareness among the people and consulting them on how to eat according to their need. The purpose of food manufacturers is to sell their stuff even at the expense of consumer’s health and for this purpose they try techniques to induce extra appetite in belly of the consumer by:-

• Using colorful and attractive wrappers in packaging their food items.

• Providing a sound ambience for the consumer.

• Providing bigger packets with larger discount offers.

• Introducing schemes like “Buy one get one free”.

As a result instead of going for quality we are tempted by lower prices and discounts and end up eating more of the unhealthy food stuff. It is high time that US government has realized this rising trend of obesity and is taking relevant measures to overcome this problem. They have decided to develop healthy eating guidelines which will help people to adopt a healthy diet rather then jumping on unhealthy food stuff like pizzas, burgers, hotdogs etc. These essential guidelines will be ready till early 2007 and authorities are hopeful that they will change the obesity situation in their country at larger scale.

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