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When you go out to buy an item like treadmill, you try to buy the best. Those who have some idea about the machinery know the problems of buying the second best.

What are the important points to be noted while buying a tread mill?

    Don’t give much importance to the superfluous things. Fancy accessories may add to the beauty but without any
    real utility to you. Over a period of time, you may find their presence irksome.

    Ease of usage. It must be easy to start and easy to close.

    It is better to have push button controls, instead of push and pull controls.

    If you accidentally fall, a safety key provision must also be there which should also be easy to reach from any

    A heart-rate monitor.

    It should also incorporate front and side hand grips with wide, flat foot rails on either side of the

    Articles in treadmills are not essential, but can be considered as luxury. You can pick a one with built-in fans,
    TV remote-control holders and CD players to your amusement.

    And last but never the least look for the machinery that provides good workout, which is the basic purpose of
    your purchase of treadmill.


You can opt for a wide range of models; the one falling under the bracket of $300 to the models whose price starts from $1000. The manufacturer knows their real worth.
They can explain you the artificial beauty v/s the real stuff! For the former, you will get the name-sake warranty of just 3 months!

There are special types of warranties. Smooth 6.25 Treadmill in Fast Answers, gives a lifetime warranty for its frame and motor, three years for parts, and service for
one year. The costlier models means, you are protected against breakdowns.

When you buy heavy equipments that weigh 200 pounds or more, naturally it will be inconvenient for you to carry them to the Works of the manufacturer/dealer for
repairs. A service technician will come to your home for inspection and carry out the repairs.

The cheaper treadmills are cheap—that is their only advantage. Once the problems begin, after the expiry of the short warranty period of 90 days, the
repairs/replacement costs mount.

Sometimes, unexpected problems arise for which you are not responsible. “Sportscraft recalled 12,000 treadmills in July 2005 because of unexpected acceleration,
which can cause users to fall. The manufacturer received 110 reports of unwanted acceleration, resulting in 14 minor injuries.”

Treadmills, if properly and regularly put to use, are excellent body-toners and help you to lose weight in a systematic and harmless way. You can compare it with the
exercise of Yoga.

And finally after you make the purchase, install the equipment in such a place where there is free movement of air. You should not feel suffocated, while exercising on
the treadmill.

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