Jun 062020

If you’re new to Internet Marketing as I am (still a student, with no job and a few ideas) you probably haven’t heard of Mike Filsaime.

Well, Mike Filsaime is the man that made a lot of money with his Bufferfly Marketing Home
Series. Unfortunately the cost of this is a bit out of reach for us mere mortals who don’t have $2000 going spare!

Well thankfully he has released a smaller portion of that product (The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript) at a hugely discounted rate compared to the entire package, but not for long, I feel that the price will go up a lot soon as its hugely popular right now!!.

I was compelled to buy his ebook, something grabbed me and I was hooked and well, I’m loving it! I’ve picked up a HUGE amount of information about product launches, viral marketing and affiliates. As I read this I learned so many things that have helped me and will be invaluable when I launch any new web sites and products.

Mike Filsaime seems to know what he’s talking about, after all it’s made him MILLIONS of Dollars so far!!

Unfortunately this isn’t intro/newbie level stuff, if you are a beginner to all this you would be better off with something else but make no mistake it will be of use further down the line – a matter of weeks if your dedicated (and while its still very cheap!!!).

The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript is for people who want to sell their own products and make a lot of money doing it quickly and with little effort.

The Butterfly Manuscript covers in depth the following so that you can make as much money as possible:
• Pre-launch, Launch and Post-launch strategies – creating a buzz
• How to build a huge opt in list fast = more money.

• Viral Marketing to auto pilot traffic (and money!) to your site day in and day out.

• Add Butterfly Effects in your marketing to earn thousands of dollars per month for years and years to come.

• How to use free reports to bring you 50 new opt in members per day on total auto pilot.

• How to create a product of your own in less than 10 days.

• How to launch a site and get 5000 members to sign up in just 5 days or less!!

This ebook is just amazing, I feel like I’ve been to College and done a marketing course in just a few hours! I’m still pretty new to this and some stuff is still going over my head but I see the possibilities (i.e. a Ferrari) looming on the horizon!! I just don’t see how using the advice in the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript couldn’t work! Check out the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript here.

So in conclusion having reviewed this manuscript and put some ideas into practice on the day I bought it, I can say without a doubt that the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript it is one of the best books available on how to truly make online whether you’re a beginner (useful after a bit of work and practice) or an established business.

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