Jun 062022

Garage sales never go out of style. It’s unlikely that you haven’t been to a few yourselves. If you like the thrill of bargain-hunting and free classifieds, then you probably won’t mind doing the selling for a change. Holding a garage sales doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be experienced in marketing; you just have to be confident.

While there really is no ultimate rule in displaying items, just spend just a few minutes thinking about what you’re selling, dust or clean them, then organize. This will help you sell more stuff at a considerably higher price. When it comes to rules in deciding which stuff to sell, there is none: anything can sell, what is junk to you may be treasure to someone else. Just make sure you won’t regret selling the stuff later on. A good idea is to browse free online classifieds and see what people are currently interested in buying (and selling), and then go by that.

Don’t just put everything out randomly. Ideally, you don’t want people moving things around on their own; you don’t want people left to their own devices making a mess of your system. If you can keep people from rummaging about, in, and underneath your carefully organized displays, you will save yourself many reorganizing headaches later.

• Beg, borrow, or ‘steal’ trestle tables so you can display items carefully and in full sight of prospective buyers.
• Use old Hills Hoist and coat hangers to display clothes.
• Group items by price. Again, check out free online classifieds to see how different items are normally priced according to model, integrity, slightly-used ness, rarity, etc.
• When pricing, give yourself some leeway of a few dollars. That way, hagglers will feel they got a bargain.
• Display books with their front covers or spines showing for easy recognition.
• Divide tables into areas for different price ranges and put signs up letting people know what and where the items are.
• The arrangement should make it easier for your customers to find what they need, and what they want. Be sure to put like things together and give people enough space to move around freely.
• Let your kids be entrepreneurs too and have them sell their own stuff. Set up a separate table for them. You’ll probably find they will do a lot better than you will.
• At the end of the tables, prior to walking out with the goods, have a vigilant cashier who’ll bag the items and take the cash. This will prevent items from being shoplifted.

Finally, post a classified ad about your garage sale so people will know about it. State the opening date, the venue, and a few helpful descriptions about what you’re selling. You can run a classified advertisement on your local paper, and for sheer broadcasting scope, go via the Internet.

And remember to have fun. After all, garage sales are the perfect way/excuse to meet the neighbours and make new friends. Now people know you and you have just ran the biggest free classifieds for yourself.

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