Nov 102018

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A popular resource for a lot of different people trying to improve their vertical is the Jump Manual. The Jump Manual is an e-book that provides tips and advice to improve your vertical. If you follow the e-book’s instructions carefully, then you should be able to instantly improve your vertical by a few inches and gain a lot of inches over time.
The jump Manual is a program that can help you add at least 10 inches to your vertical jump in twelve weeks. The wealth of information in this E-book is far beyond any other program of this type. From a detailed diet plan to specific training guidelines, the athlete is provided with everything needed to achieve maximum results within a short period of time (if not in a record time).
As mentioned by many athletes and coaches, the only real challenge an athlete might face while applying Jacob’s method is sticking to the training throughout the whole twelve weeks’ period. But then again, the effectiveness of any program always depends on how motivated the athlete is.
The program is actually a comprehensive training software package that includes:
1. A complete workout chart showing exactly how to get the best out of your workout during the twelve week period.
2. A complete step-by-step training video library (plyometrics, etc) taking you through every step necessary to improve your vertical jump
3. A complete nutrition plan which is extremely crucial in order to achieve maximum results
4. A one-on-one training plan
5. Weight room alternatives for those who cannot access a training room.
6. And much more………
The Jump Manual is undoubtedly one of the best investments that you can get. It includes a series of videos, well written text explanations, personal email coaching, and the 9 secrets to vertical jump training that can only be taught by Jacob Hiller and no one else. A lot of bonuses are also at stake so you will indeed get your money’s worth.
The reputation of this program has been well acclaimed over the past few years and is still increasing. The Jump Manual is something that every person will not regret to have as the experience the author has had in the past is something that you could not disregard. The results of his program would suggest a zero refund rate which only would point out that the people who had previously invested in it have been very much satisfied. It can be bought at only $67 and for something that guarantees a 10 inch jump height increase, it’s all worth it.
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Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular 128GB (Space Gray), Apple Smart Keyboard, AppleCare+ plus FREE Apple Pencil! (MLQ32LL/A). Now Only $917

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