Apr 292021

Yes I am an Australian, but before you get petty and accuse me of bias, I’ve got a dual nationality to throw back at you. I’m lucky enough to be both an Australian and EU citizen (and two bad passport photos to match). In theory then, I should have just as much allegiance to the English team as I have to the Socceroos. I don’t. Sorry Beckham.

I was so certain that Australia had what it takes to secure the 2006 World Cup, that as soon as we qualified I was on the phone to the ever-reliable British Airways to book a flight to Berlin for the final. I managed to score some tickets to the match through a friend at work, and I have been called insane by most, if not all, of my friends, for going to Germany by myself – but that doesn’t matter, I felt that it would be worth it.

What if we didn’t make the final? Well, in my mind that wasn’t even a worry. Australia were on track for World Cup glory! We are determined and talented and, well Australian – we don’t give up, ever! The end as far as I’m concerned should have been the final. Australia should have won the World Cup.

When I booked my plane tickets I was really in the mood for the match and I even thought about suggesting that the flight attendants should dye their hair green and gold – the colours of our team lighting up the sky for what I thought would be a triumphant pilgrimage across the seas. In all honesty though, irrespective of team colours, I just love being up in the air.

I flew from Sydney to London using BA. On long haul flights there are those personalised televisions showing all the films you missed out on at the cinema, with lots of yummy snacks, not to mention continuous table service. In all my flights from Australia to Europe thus far, the flight attendants have been pleasant, the pilot superb (I wonder which is more difficult, landing a plane or taking a free kick?). I love just staring out the windows at the ground and clouds passing below, I always thoroughly enjoy myself.

Given last Friday’s diabolical result I’m more than a little peeved as Australia won’t now win the World Cup. I’ll still enjoy my flight over for the Final’s carnival atmosphere – whoever’s playing!

For more information on the progression of the world cup visit the official world cup site

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