Dec 292023

That huge pile-up of debts has to be cleared now or you are inviting a financial trouble. How can you get rid of the debts? Well there is this proven and effective solution called debt consolidation loan that enables you to start fresh in life and gives an opportunity for learning from past mistakes.

Debt consolidation loan implies that you are availing a fresh loan of almost equal to the amount of debts. Through debt consolidation loan you can pay off debts in one go. But as the debt, even after paying them off, is in fact consolidated under the new lender, you are in fact still under debt. The advantage of debt consolidation loan is in replacing higher interest rate debts by the new lower interest rate loan so that your money towards the interest is saved and you are in a better position of paying off the loan.

So it is important that debt consolidation loan is taken at lower interest rate as compared to the rate on debts. For low rate, secured debt consolidation loan is preferred. On taking the loan against your property like home you can ensure greater amount also for clearing greater debts. The secured loan can conveniently be paid off in 5 to 30 years as suits to repaying capacity and saves money on monthly installments.

For clearing smaller debts, unsecured debt consolidation loan is the best suited. Tenants or non-homeowners and even homeowner are approved the loan without collateral. The interest rate is higher and so only when the rate has fallen in the market should the loan be taken. The repayment duration of the smaller loan is kept shorter for cutting the risks.

Do not worry about bad credit if you are opting for secured debt consolidation loan as the lender has your property as collateral. For unsecured loan however your present income and repaying capacity matters the most. Before applying to a lender compare different debt consolidation loan offers for suitable deal.

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