Apr 152024

His name is Mark Warren, a 22 years old millionaire who wrote a book called the Ultimate Wealth Package.

You may have heard about Ultimate Wealth Package on the internet. This product is the ultimate crash course for those who want to learn how to become a successful online entrepreneur. It reveals tons of secrets and money making strategies on the Internet.

It starts from the very basic and takes you all the way to advanced level. There are plenty of money making topics discussed in Ultimate Wealth Package.

Some of the topics discussed are:

– How to get your own website up and running
– How to choose a domain name
– How to pick products to sell
– Opting for dropshippers and wholesalers
– How to build a content-based site
– Secrets of Google Adsense
– Adsense and a free blog
– How to pick and create your blog
– How to paste adsense code into your template
– Proper Ad Positioning
– Sell your own product or service
– How to attract and build traffics
– Secrets of driving traffics to your site
– How to insert links into your site
– How to rank high in search engine
– How to add your site to directories
– And many more…

The Ultimate Wealth Package also come bundled with hundred of FREE bonuses or tools (worth over $1,000) to help you build your wealth on
the Internet. You can sell these free products or offer them as bonus to your potential customers.

This package is a “must have” resource if you are serious about building wealth on the Internet. It’s perfect for the beginners.

Last but not least, Ultimate Wealth Package also comes with a FREE professionally designed website (worth $300) ready to make you money.
You do need to pay for the web hosting (about $9 per month). When you sign up for the hosting, you will also get a free domain name.


Apr 142024

Bloggers often ask how to get their blog listed in the major search engines.

Here’s how:

1. Submit Directly: Submit your blog via Google’s free submitting form.

2. Submit your sitemap to Google.

3. Submit your site to DMOZ, the Open Directory Project. Keep in mind that DMOZ is run by volunteers; therefore it may take some time before you are listed and a submission does not guarantee listing.

4. Get a Qualified Backlink: Get linked from a website that search engines crawl regularly and add your link to forum signatures. Google states, “Google’s robots jump from page to page on the web via hyperlinks, so the more sites that link to your pages, the more likely it is that we’ll find them quickly.”

5. If your blog isn’t already listed in Google’s Blog search engine, you can submit it manually. Add your blog to Google’s Blog Search.

It usually takes a new website about a month before it’s fully indexed by Google. Google Blog Search indexes blogs by their site feeds, so be sure that you publish a site feed.

Keep in mind that, while Google dominates the web, it isn’t the only search engine on the web.

Yahoo Search is one of the major search engines and directories online as well, so you are going to want to submit your blog to Yahoo’s Directory.

It could take eight to ten weeks before you are listed in Yahoo.

Yahoo Site Explorer allows you to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo Search.

Submit your blog to Yahoo Site Explorer.

Submit Your Feed to the Yahoo! RSS Browse-by-Topic Directory.

Submit your Media RSS Feed to Yahoo! Search -

You can submit your blog to Msn at will submit your blog free to the top 20 + Search engines.

If you don’t already have a Technorati account, sign up for one at and claim your blog at Technorati. Technorati is a popular weblog search engine. offers a list of blog directories where you can also submit your blog to increase your exposure online.

When submitting to directories, be sure to take the time to read the submission guidelines provided by each blog directory.

Getting listed in the major search engines alone doesn’t guarantee traffic. Your blog content guarantees that. Update regularly, provide interesting content and the visitors will come, as will the spider bots.

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Apr 132024

Today I’m writing this article about Harvey Segal ebook called The Ultimate Supertip. I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about it and wanted to know what all the fuss is about.

The ebook is not just an explanation of one of the most powerful principles of Internet marketing, but also a fully working practical demonstration!

It has 23 pages of solid content. No fluff straight to the point.

This is a brief Overview of the book:

Chapter 1 – Introduction, summarises briefly chapter 2,3 and 4

Chapter 2 – The VERY BEST strategy to promote ANY product. To justify this a real case study is presented as well. 2.1 The Product 2.2 Search Engines. Basically when it comes to Search Engines the problem is maintaining high ranking on the first page so Harvey says Goodbye to Search Engines. This is all explained.

Chapter 3 – An ingenious twist that takes this strategy into orbit. 3.1 The affiliate problem 3.2 The solution 3.3 Even Better 3.4 Conclusion

Chapter 4 – The tools that will help you put the strategy into practise immediately and in passing, he reveals what is undisputedly the QUICKEST way to make money on the Net.

Chapter 5 – And finally an astonishing viral idea that will put money into your account instantly.
(hint, it’s a 100% affiliate commission payout)

My conclusion on my review – free money making ebook The Ultimate Supertip is after reading this free ebook is it gave me a different outlook on Internet marketing. It’s a quick read… and I believe that, once you actually go through it, and you actually see how this bold, new strategy could work for you, your mind will start exploding with ideas! In short, this is a MUST-READ. For everyone. Anyone. It probably sounds like I’m over-hyping this ebook I’m not. I can see what all the fuss is about.

Review – Free Money Making Ebook The Ultimate Supertip

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Apr 122024

Do you want to be a successful person? If this question is put across, definitely everybody would say ‘yes’ and no one would say in the negative.. Everybody wants to become a successful person, but the pitiable thing is that over 90% failed in their desire to become successful. Why is it that only 10% got to the place where they want to be and a vast majority of 90% failed in their attempt. The difference between the ‘desire’ and the ‘burning desire’ makes all the difference.

I is sure that everybody has desires. They may wary from person to person, but surely everybody has desires and the common desire is to become rich. Definitely all would have tried some way or other to achieve this goal. But most people gave up in mid way and in majority cases they would not have started at all. The skeptical thinking and the fear psychosis hold them from getting started But people with burning desire won’t give up mid way. They will pursue their efforts till they get their success. Sure, they will not taste success in their very first attempt itself. But they have a good sense of realization that committing mistakes is a learning process. They take their failure as a stepping stone, and get going in their efforts consistently and persistently.

A sure way to become successful

Have dreams (burning desire)
Write down your dreams and read them daily
Practice self talking. An example: ‘I am a great person. I am achieving my dreams. I am happy and I also make my family and the people around me happy’. Write down your own version and practice it daily.
Set your goals. Precisely write down your short term, medium term and long term goals.
Put a plan to achieve your goals.
And finally put your plan into action
Take a firm decision to get started. Never let your fear psychosis stopping you from getting started. Don’t afraid that you will make mistake and do something wrong. It is far better to get started on your success journey of learning and making a couple of mistakes, than it is to let months go by, never make a mistake and never get started. Take some steps to change things and don’t give up. Change your way of thinking. If you think you will succeed you will, if you think you will fail you will! Practicing the success principle will make you believe in yourself, firm up your desire and put you in the right direction to achieve your success.

The fear psychosis

There are two common fear psychosis holding people from getting started.

Fear of failure and
Fear of criticism

This fear psychosis form the main reason for the failure of the 90% majority. Realize that all the successful people tasted their success only after facing so many failures and all the successful people had been criticized for what they were doing. They were criticized because they did things differently. Successful people won’t do different things, but do things differently. So making some changes to yourself, your routine and your way of thinking is essential in making you eligible to the elite group of successful people.

Never ever entertain skeptical thinking. Don’t allow others to steal your dreams and allow them to be acted as your boss to determine your destiny. You have to pay some price and do what it takes to be a successful person. But the life after your success will be wonderful and you will forget the pains when you are standing apart from the 90% mediocre crowd.

Author Information:A survey has revealed that millionaires of conventional business have achieved their financial freedom only in their late years and that too after paying a heavy price on their health side. Through internet home business opportunities you can be financially free without losing your health, because there is no stress, strain and risk involved. Start exploring the internet home business opportunities and join the elite group..

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Apr 112024

Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Martin van der Walt and living in South Africa or should I say the new South Africa. Now that’s a long story but to cut to the chase I will introduce you to the word Black Empowerment that means to me the reverse of “Apartheid”. So yes I was one of the lucky individuals that lost my job and had to look for other sources of income. To sit with no income and go for endless interviews is no joke. I hope something like that never happens to my biggest enemy.

That’s when I started looking for something to do from home. I have lost my last money on people that caught me for a sucker and luckily come across that saved my life.

I knew nothing of the Internet just to surf around but with Pay it forward for Profits taught me to actually start my own business on the web. Of all the home businesses I lost my money this is the first one that taught me step by step to overcome marketing and have success for free. To have a business where people call you and make money is absolutely wonderful.

I can recommend this program for anyone that is serious about making millions and that think they can’t work on the Internet. With the great step-by-step guide you get, nothing can go wrong. It’s simple, just follow the steps and the money rolls in.

Isn’t it wonderful, I will suggest that a person starts doing something now even part time before downsizing or something drastic happens to you. This is a contribution to your pension that can come sooner than what you expected. Freedom = Wealth.

Thank you for reading so far, I hope I woke something up in you today that will make you take some kind of action to secure you and your family’s futures, and to prevent the unexpected.

Good luck with you future.

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Apr 102024

About 15 years ago many so called credit repair companies have sprung up out of nowhere and claim that they can fix your credit. What consumers should know is that they are taking a 50/50 chance with dealing with these firms. Some credit repair firms are legitimate and can rally make a difference to an individual credit score but most new firms that are springing up now and within the past few years are bogus. They can charge a client upwards of $1000 and then they tell you that it will take anywhere from 8months to 1 year to fix your credit and wipe it clean.

Consumers need to be very weary about such firms and perform a thorough check with the BBB to make sure that the credit repair firm is listed and also to make sure they haven’t been under investigation for fraud. Most if not all states require such firms to practice with a “credit services license” which legally enables them to request for and access personal files for the consumer. Some states even go as far as requiring all credit repair or credit services firms to maintain a $250,000 surety bond/liability for 2 years after doing business in the state. If you think about it, a client going to any of these credit repair firms produces all their details and hands them over to a total stranger. This could be a recipe for disaster and could even plummet you further into debt. If you are still in doubt about certain firms feel free to call the state attorney general and inquire about their business practices and if there has been any complaints about the particular company. To tell you the truth all the services that these firms provide can be done by yourself all it takes is the right information. These companies operate under the veil that 99% of the public are clueless about their rights as consumers. Learn more about fixing your credit by yourself at

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Apr 092024

This is part three in a four part series on learning how to win any fight. Thank you for joining me again here as we take a few moments together and review ways you can learn to win any fight and defend yourself effectively.

In the prior articles on how to win any fight you discovered how to train in a way that will increase your effectiveness. We discussed that you simply must accomplish all of the following things in any training that you do.

1. You must train with a Blended Method of Low and High Intensities
2. You must learn from an instructor that has mastered these methods direct from a originator of these methods
3. You must find an instructor that is not afraid to train at the higher levels of intensity
4. You simply must focus your mind on first learning the method properly at a slow pace first, then brining the technique up to real World speeds during the same training session.
5. In order to be able to win any fight, you have to be able to move quickly and effectively while using proper techniques
6. If you have limited training use a street legal tool to maximize your own effectiveness and impact on the street
7. Proper technique needs to be learned at real World speeds as well as slower more precise training
8. In order to learn any self defense technique effectively you must be able to discover for yourself firsthand how effective the methods are. When a student feels the power of a method themselves they will feel much better about using that method when it counts, and when they have to use it to win a fight.

We also covered how you can now learn these new methods from a real legend in the Martial Arts Grandmaster Ted Gambordella. In today’s article we are going to talk about ways to find local instructors that can assist you in training effectively with a truly well balanced training methodology.

The best way to find a local instructor is to check with a recognized agency that understands these training methods to see if there is a certified instructor in your area. You can do so for free at there is a free guide to certified instructors all over the World who are trained in these modern and very effective self defense methods. If on your visit you do not find an instructor yet listed in your area don’t hesitate to call your local Dojo or Martial Arts schools, and simply ask them if they have instructors that are certified by the Martial Arts Masters Association.

If they say they do you can feel comfortable enough to visit their Dojo and interview the instructor, make certain that you ask to see their Certification from the Martial Arts Masters Association. You need to be certain that these people are not leading you in a wrong direction. Unfortunately, all too many Martial Arts Schools these days will say anything to get you to try them out or sign you up on a contract. I have even seen instructors from one style offer training in more commercial styles like “ask about training here to become a Ninja.” This is clearly a marketing ploy of instructors, or an instructor who has lost their way. They may even be fairly good and well intended instructors who just simply want to have more students and make a living wage doing what they love teaching the Martial Arts. You can do them a favor and give them the web address for The Martial Arts Site, and the Martial Arts Masters Association.

Grandmaster Gambordella can assist them as he has countless other instructors on increasing their student base by training more effectively and offering their students more value in their training.

As always if you can not find an instructor in your area, you may always learn from Dr. Gambordella through his books and videos, or even by membership in his organizations. You can always get free training articles at the Martial Arts Masters Association website.

The dream of Dr. Gambordella is that by sharing his nearly 40 years of training experience with other instructors and students directly that anyone can learn to win any fight and defend themselves effectively.

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Apr 082024

The Olympic Games always remind us of the incredible ability we possess to set a goal and pursue it. As much as I enjoy watching the games, I especially enjoy the segments featuring personal stories about the athletes. Listening to their amazing stories of dedication, focus, passion, investment and commitment to their dream of participating in the Olympics is truly an inspiration.

Most of them were not born super athletes, but have developed themselves to play their best game. Most are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. They have the courage to risk the unknown, even the agony of defeat, in pursuit of their dream of victory. They were willing to develop and improve in order to play their best game.

No matter how good your game, there is always room for improvement. Olympic records continue to be shattered and new levels of achievement are reached. What is your dream? What do want to accomplish in your lifetime? What is the first step you will take toward playing your best game ever?

Three Key Strategies for Playing to Win…

1. IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS. Knowing your strengths and how to capitalize on them can make the difference between success and failure. We often focus on our weaknesses, working hard to make improvements. Try focusing more attention on your strengths instead and look for ways to employ your strong suit to move you forward.
Ask yourself: What are my strengths?

2. CLARIFY YOUR GOALS. Get clear on what game you are playing and what you want to accomplish. Understand why the goal is important to you and which of your personal values it is aligned with. Know what is required to reach your goal. The more clarity you can get around the goal, the easier it will be to get started moving toward it.
Ask yourself: What do I most want to achieve? Why is it important to me?

3. WORK WITH A COACH. Give yourself the benefit of having a success partner to help you achieve your goal. Free yourself up to play your best game by enlisting the help of a coach who can guide, support and challenge you to give your best performance everyday.
Ask yourself: Who will I ask to coach me?

“To play is in the mind. To win is in the heart.” ~ Jennifer McCombs

“Winning isn’t always finishing first. Sometimes winning is just finishing.” ~ Manuel Diotte

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