Feb 082023

By © Arthur, The Online Internet Home Business Opportunity

Many people are really thankful to live in the current Internet Revolutions Age as it allows them to work in the comfort of their HOME. It allows them to have more FLEXIBLE time management which they can allocate to their love ones, especially to the little ones.

Can you imagine people living before the Internet Era?

To make money, you need to be PHYSICALLY there. To make additional income, you need to find a part-time job and you’ll be PHYSICALLY exhausted by the end of the day. In the Internet Era, you can create Multiple Streams of Internet Income by creating multiple business website once you become familiar with how the Internet Business WORKS.

You not only can earn money starting an Internet Business, but you will also LEARN many new stuff everyday as you need to keep yourself updated with the latest internet business marketing strategy in order to maintain and grow your internet business.

You learn to:
– research and evaluate an Internet Business Opportunity
– manage and make better used of your time
– choose an internet domain name related to your business
– evaluate the different web hosting pricing and quality of your web hosting
– create and develop your own website
– update and upload your website
– accept credit cards from your website
– bid for keywords with pay per click search engine
– write and submit free reprint articles to ezine
– exchange links with other relevant business website
– understand the natural search engines in order to develop a website that is friendly to the search engine etc.

As you can see, the learning curve is never ending as the internet population keeps growing and growing. Unlike your job, after working for a number of years, you’ll tend to get bored as you become familiar with it. You can never get bored with an internet business as it is forever changing and you are forever learning.

Furthermore, you don’t need to quit your full-time job or need to develop your own products or services in order to start an internet home business. However, you do need to treat your Internet Business seriously and allocate a certain fixed hour each week to work on your internet business as well as to update your internet business marketing knowledge.

Who knows, if you keep improving your Internet knowledge, the day will come when you became the next Internet Marketing GURU and you can publish your own ebooks to help others.

Winston Churchill quoted:
“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. quoted:
“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Wishing you success in learning and making money from your Internet Business.

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Feb 072023

Has your computer slowed down? Does it take forever for a file to open. Do you think your computer is about to crash? Take heart it probably just needs a little soft maintenance. What is soft maintenance? Think about your vehicle for a moment. Hasn’t it gotten sluggish? Won’t accelerate like it used to? Is using more fuel than normal? I am not sure I have even met anyone who has not experienced this. What is the most common cure for the vehicle? A tune-up right? The same goes for the computer.

Hardware failures are usually pretty obvious. There is an odd noise, a total system break down, blank screen and or error messages. Getting slow is usually for reasons other than hardware. And most can be remedied by using the software that came with the machine. Some computer systems come with operating system that are more self adjusting than others. The Linux small computer OS is based on UNIX the operating system of the internet. This is a very self-sufficient, self-maintaining OS. It quite automatically checks for broken files and refreshes them from master copies it keeps in a protected place on the hard drive. The Apple Macintosh OS is also UNIX based and pretty much trouble free. Every time the system is turned on all software is verified and corrected as needed.

The most popular operating system in the world is Microsoft’s Windows in all its incarnations. From Windows 95 to XP there are processes that need to be invoked manually. Unlike UNIX based OS’s only a select few files are readily available for automatic correction. The others exist only on the original installation disk. Special modes of operation provided for the reconstitution of the operating system. This is the hard stuff. The kind of thing you would need a technician for unless you are very familiar with Windows.

The computer hardware is just electronic devices. Without software it is just so much Silicon, electric motors and connectors. The software is the instructions that tell the hardware what to do. At the lowest level is the DOS, disk operating system. This software takes care of the “housekeeping”. It controls the CPU math functions, disk accessing that is to say the physical movement necessary to put the play head in the right position to read the data magnetically from the disk. It manages the use of memory and access to or interface with peripheral devices like modems, sound cards, high- speed access connect ports, etc. All of this is far removed from what you see on the screen and occurs with no interaction from you. Your request for a file is only that the DOS or OS does all the nitty gritty work. The OS like Windows is often referred to as a low-level program.

The programs that make the computer really useful run above and depend on the OS. User programs use the OS to access the computer resources. Your Mp3 player program makes is easy to pick the tune you wish to play you just click on it. The Mp3 program asks the OS to fetch the song file. The OS retrieves the file and puts it in memory and tells the Mp3 program where it is. You click on play the Mp3 player then interprets the data and requests the use of the sound card via the OS and the song plays for your enjoyment.

The OS spends more time accessing files than anything else. As the disk fills up and files are deleted and recorded, the OS may not be able to put a file all in one place. The term for recording a file so that all data is in a row is called contiguous. Many times the OS will break up a file and put bits and pieces of it in a number of places on the disk and create a list of where and in what order they are stored. If files are recorded contiguously they can be retrieve with a single movement of the play head on the hard drive. If the file is not contiguous (or, fragmented) the play head may have to reposition several times before retrieving the entire file. As you might imagine this takes longer. As more and more files are recorded in this manner the access time grows slower and slower. The only cure for this condition is to rearrange the files so they ARE contiguous.

Windows has a sub-program or sub-routine for this. It is call logically enough Disk Defragmenter. It is located on the Programs list at Accessories in the System Tools folder. Periodic running of this routine will do wonders to speed up the operation of your computer.

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Feb 062023

Strategies are strategies. Dismiss for a moment from your mind what some people are saying about Bill Gates’s offensive practices he used to transform himself from a small business entrepreneur to a titan in the business world. There are yet honest-to-goodness strategies we can glean from his sleeves. We can study, learn from them and possibly apply them in our own home based business. Upon this premise that this article was written.

Strategy of Bill Gates – Have a Vision:
At the outset, I will lay down the results of my research on one secret strategy of Bill Gates. He used the same strategy to jump-start his small business to today’s business behemoth. Based on my research, the strategy of Bill Gates is grounded upon the following:

“Have a VISION of what you want to achieve
and hold on to that vision come wrath or
high water.”

His vision was:

“A Personal Computer on every desk.”

By the way, I didn’t want to use the grammatically correct expression “come hell or high water” – for personal reason – so excuse my grammatical preference. Anyway, let’s go back to our subject. When you have a vision, you can make the impossible possible.

Almost everybody is familiar about how once upon a time the small business entrepreneur Bill Gates secured mighty IBM’s contract to supply the latter’s operating system. When he was negotiating with the IBM people, he had no operating system as yet. He was able to buy a Disk Operating System or DOS for $50 thousand. In the end, he got the contract. Why?

Bill Gates was guided by his vision – that every desk all over the world should have a computer on it. This vision enabled him to provide IBM with a DOS operating system and have control over it including to whom he wanted it sold to.

Beginning Entrepreneur:
Before he became an entrepreneur, Bill Gates had nurtured the vision that software will one day rule the world. During high school he spent many late nights with friend Paul Allen tinkering with the school’s computer system.

He dropped out of college after completing his junior year at Harvard. Instead, he and his bosom friend Paul Allen set up a small business – a software company – in far away New Mexico. This move was in accordance with his vision.

His vision became clearer as he moved from a total newbie to one with a small business to keep. His vision was clothed in clearer terms, as he negotiated the DOS deal with IBM.

Better late than never:
Bill Gates’s company ultimately became the leader in the software arena. During the first half of the 1990’s – 1993 to be exact – he was among the last of the software titans to acknowledge the future significance of the Internet.

But once he did realize that indeed Internet was the wave of the future, he had the tenacity to reshape his vision. His vision retained its old flavor – that is, software dominance in commerce, industry and in every field. It was rehashed in his own words as follows:

“In the years ahead, the Internet will have
an even more profound effect on the way
we work, live and learn … this technology
will be one of the key cultural and economic
forces of the early 21st century.”

At this moment in time, Bill Gates is guided by the vision that the Internet is the wave of the present and the foreseeable future.

Lessons Learned:
You can learn from Bill Gates by having your own vision for your small business. Lay down this vision in your mind. Then put it into writing. Read your vision everyday while at work in your small corner of the house. Your vision could be as short-term as the following:

“To make my web site land within the top five of
Google when people search for the keywords
‘home based business,'” or

“$200,000 earning this year from Google

“To enrich the content of my web site using
the theme ‘scrap book making.'”

Do not limit yourself to short-term vision. Aim for the long-term. A five to ten years period would suffice. Technology may change but your vision will essentially be the same. You may refine it if deemed necessary, like incorporating the effect of technological changes – as Bill Gates did.

Your Share of the Pie:
Everybody – from Bill Gates down to your netpreneur friend – has recognized the tremendous role of the Internet in business developments. Some of the more immediate pressing concerns you should consider at this stage concerning your home based business are the following:

– General preference for digital transactions by clients. For example, as a beginning Internet entrepreneur you should meet your clients’ demands who favor the use of online payment system.

At this juncture, I would like to refer you to my web site at InternetMarketingLearningCenter.com which offers free learning stuff on Internet marketing and home based business. One category being tackled in the web site is the online payment system. You may read online news and keep yourself abreast of the best software companion for your small business.

– Choose products that are preferred by people at this time when the Internet is dominating people’s lives. It has been determined that information products and web shopping are favored by most consumers. Information products include your very own ebooks and “how-to” manuals.

– Make it your aim that your products are cheap, very useful, and the best among the rest of competing products. This applies most especially to shopping products. For your own digital products, you have the advantage of pricing them according to your own estimation.

You as the author of your own digital product determines the price level. It is no wonder why gurus like Jay Abraham, Jim Daniels and the late Corey Rudl have become so wealthy from selling their own digital pieces.

As for these three gurus, they will be among the titans that we will tackle in future issues of this series.

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Feb 052023

Free reprint articles can dramatically increase traffic to your website by way of inbound links. Free reprint articles are articles that have either been written by you or by a ghostwriter and are given away to publishers so that you can get free exposure.

Your articles should deal with topics in your area of expertise and the general topic that your website covers. Free reprint articles are generally informative and helpful to the reader. Once you or the ghostwriter have completed your article, you will want to get it distributed to publishers who will print it in their ezines and newsletters or on their websites. When a publisher uses your free reprint article, the publisher agrees to attach a textbox that contains the authors name and information, and a link back to your website. This is where your increased web traffic comes from.

Is it worth it for you to go to the trouble of writing an informative, good quality article that can increase your web traffic? Is it worth it to hire a ghostwriter to do it for you? Are you willing to pay a distributor to get your article out to the publishers? These are all questions that you must answer for yourself. Keep in mind that writing a single article and getting it published into niche ezines and newsletters that reach your target audiences can be extremely valuable.

If you did not use a free reprint article, how would you reach these targeted audiences? By targeted audiences, I mean that the readers are interested enough in the topic that you deal with to subscribe to ezines and newsletters that provide information on those topics. Many would say that they would simply pay to advertise in the ezines and newsletters that reach their target market. This is an effective, but expensive method of reaching your target audiences. Consider that on average, the CPM (cost per thousand subscribers) advertising rate for ezines and newsletters is $8 CPM. Now if an ezine has 10,000 subscribers, you will be paying $80.00 for an advertisement in that single publication.

Conversely, if you use free reprint articles to promote your business, you can possibly reach this ezine and ten others just like it. With some articles, you might be able to reach one hundred more ezines with the same size subscriber base, and some with an even larger subscriber base. I have been published in ezines reaching as many as 750,000 subscribers per issue. This is the beauty of using free reprint articles for business promotion; one article written and distributed one time could reach 10 thousand readers, 100 thousand readers, and possibly even millions of readers.

Suppose for example, you spend $600 to have an article written for you, and suppose you spend $200 to have that article distributed for you. In many cases, you can get a ghostwriter and a distributor for much less money. For the sake of our example, if you spend $800 to have an article written and distributed for you, and your article reaches 100,000 readers, then you will have spent 0.008 cents per reader to have your sales message delivered to your targeted market. This is the equivalent of the $8 CPM advertising we were talking about previously.

Now, what if you can buy a ghost written article and have it distributed for half or even a third this amount, and what if perhaps you can reach even more readers than the 100,000? Whenever you can spend less or you can increase the reach of your message, then you will have lowered the CPM cost of your sales message.

For the average businessperson, a free reprint article will be much cheaper than straight paid advertising, and the free reprint article will show the readers that you are indeed an expert in your field. Whether you sell services or products, the reader can see that you know your stuff by reading your article.

A free reprint article that is sent to targeted publishers by an experienced distribution service can reach thousands of potential publishers that have thousands or tens of thousands of readers. The cost of doing this varies, but the cost of distributing one article is almost always far cheaper than buying one advertisement in one ezine or newsletter. The distributors send the article, with the textbox and link back to your site, to the appropriate publishers. The publishers have generally developed an appreciation for the distributors and are often more trusting of material sent by the distribution services. Therefore, publishers may be more likely to use your article in their publications if you use a distribution service to get it to them.

Writing and distributing free reprint articles is definitely an effective and inexpensive method to generate traffic to your website and to gain new customers. If you do not feel that writing is your specialty, consider hiring a ghostwriter to write the article for you. When using a ghostwriter there is almost always a written agreement that you can use your own name as the author of the article. This way you become known as the expert and as one who offers the valuable information to potential customers.

A simple advertisement in a publication offers little real value to the reader. A free reprint article does offer value, because it gives the reader some real and useful information. For example, if you are running a website that deals with home improvements, then you may want to write an article that tells the readers how to make a certain home improvement. Give away some of your knowledge, and the readers will be more likely to visit your website. An advertisement simply shows the services that you offer, not that you actually know what you are talking about.

Free reprint articles are cost effective and can save you time, trouble and money. You can literally reach tens or hundreds of thousands of possible customers in a very short period of time.

I would encourage you to track several pieces of data in connection with your free reprint articles.

First, you should track where you have been published, how many readers you were able to reach, and the average cost of advertising in the ezines and newsletters where you were published. This allows you to gain an appreciation for the monetary value of the advertising you were able to acquire using your free reprint article. It also allows you the luxury of making an accurate determination as to whether the money you had spent to write and distribute your article matched up with the advertising value you received.

Secondly, you should track how much traffic you were able to have delivered to your website as a result of the publication of your article, how much of that traffic you were able to convert into buyers, and how many dollars those visitors spent at your site. This will allow you to determine how effective your advertising is against the cost of the advertising received. The reality is that some ezines charge $4 CPM and will not deliver that much value, while other ezines charge $50 CPM and they are worth every penny spent.

The actual numbers can vary widely from article to article. But, when you compare the results from a free reprint article to the results from a regular advertisement, the cost per visitor gained from a free reprint article will be much cheaper and your return on investment (ROI) will be much more long-term, than traffic gained from traditional advertising.

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Feb 042023

If you’re a computer expert, you’ll probably already know about these tips (hopefully this will provide you with a little reminder). If you’re not an expert, don’t worry – these tips are simple, and don’t require a lot of computer experience.

While an old computer will never operate at the same speed as a newer (and bigger & faster) computer, you can help your computer stay as “young & healthy” as possible.

1) Disk Cleanup

Performing a disk cleanup regularly is a good idea. Whenever you “surf the internet”, open attachments, delete files, your computer saves a record of your activity. Many of these files are harmless, and individually are very small. But if you spend a lot of time on your computer, before long you’ll take up enough space to slow your computer down a bit.

Disk Cleanup is a Windows utility that helps keep unused and unwanted files from taking up extra storage space on your computer. You can think of it as “spring cleaning” for your computer.

Basically, it removes files that may have once been useful or used but now are just taking up extra room that could be used for more useful programs and files.

To perform a disc cleanup, click on the Start button on the bottom left of your computer screen, then Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disc Cleanup. A small box will pop up, allowing you to select the files to delete (most files are OK to delete, but if you are unsure, it is best to not select the file). Then click OK, and the unused files will be removed.

If you’ve never done a disk cleanup on your computer, now is a good time to get started. Then, depending on how much you use your computer, you can perform a disk cleanup every few weeks to keep your computer running smoothly!

2) Defragmenting Your Computer

Another way to improve the performance of your computer is to defragment your hard drive. What is defragmenting, and why do you need to do it? Here’s a simple explanation:

Basically, defragmenting is putting files back where they belong. With the files in the proper order, your computer will run more efficiently.

You don’t need to hire a computer expert to defragment your computer. It’s simple to do. You just need to plan ahead, because if you have a lot of “stuff” on your computer, it could take a while.

And it’s best not to use your computer while defragmenting.

Not sure how to defragment your computer? You can either click on your computer’s help file (Click the “Start” button on the bottom left of your computer screen, then Help), or click on Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Defragment – for most computers) .

Keep in mind that the actual wording is slightly different depending on the operating system you use (Windows 95, 98, XP, etc) so you might need to refer to your computer’s help file.

Periodically defragmenting your computer will keep it running smoothly!

3) Removing Spyware & Adware

If you’ve ever had spyware or adware on your computer, you know how frustrating it can be – strange things happening, your homepage changing, inappropriate popups, unfamiliar icons…
What exactly is spyware or adware?

Simply, files that are often downloaded onto your computer without your knowledge (or at least without you knowing what they really are).

Unfortunately, many of these programs “sneak” their way onto your computer, so avoiding them entirely is difficult, especially if you spend a lot of time on your computer, surfing the Internet and downloading new programs and files.

Fortunately, there are ways to remove these unwanted files from your computer.

Here are 2 adware/spyware removal programs that are simple to use (and both are free):
Ad-Aware http://www.lavasoftusa.com/support/download/
Spybot http://www.safer-networking.org/en/download/index.html

Why does adware/spyware continue to be such a problem? Because most of these programs make money for the people creating and spreading them, unfortunately. So, all we can do is try to avoid them as much as possible, and to remove them when they do find their way onto our computers.

If you do find spyware on your computer, don’t panic. In many cases, you just have some extra “junk” on your computer. But keeping spywaer and adware off of your computer will help it run more quickly and efficiently.

4) Uninstalling Old & Unused Programs

While uninstalling old, unused programs will help speed up your computer, removing the wrong files can cause you some big problems. So, please proceed carefully. And if you are not comfortable, please ask for help from someone you know who is more knowledgeable.

Most programs that you download simply have an “uninstall” feature that comes with them. If you’re like me and you download a lot of free programs or free trials, after a while your computer begins to slow down. That means it’s time for me to remove some of the old programs I don’t use any more (and most I only used once just to see how they work).

To uninstall unused programs from your computer, first click on the Start button on the bottom left, then Programs, then click on the name of the program and Uninstall. If there is no uninstall option, then click on the Start button on the bottom left, then Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.

Again, if you are unsure whether or not to remove a program, it is best to leave it.

If you follow these instructions, you should find your computer working faster right away.

5) Get A High Speed Internet Connection

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, a high speed internet connection is a must. It is more expensive, but for most people the savings in time and effort is worth the added expense.

There are several advantages of having a high speed internet connection – faster surfing, web pages open more quickly, files download faster, and if you send or receive large files, like pictures or video, trying to open these files with a slower dialup connection is extremely frustrating!

If you’re already spending $20 a month or more for your dialup connection (through your phone line) then you’ll find DSL to be comparable in price, and a lot faster.

A cable internet connection might cost a little more, but it is usually the fastest type of internet connection you can get from home.

High speed wireless connections are available for those who travel a lot. And high speed satellite internet is available in areas where other options are not (check your options first, as this is the most expensive high speed connection).

That’s all the tips for increasing your computer speed and helping your computer run more efficiently. We hope you found these tips helpful!

© 2005 Hi-Speed-Internet.com.


Feb 032023

I took a look at a new Website recently in response to a request for a site
review on one of my favorite forums. And, while the appearance was pleasing,
there wasn’t really much there. Too often, new folks to the Internet marketing
world make this crucial mistake. They think that if they build a stay at home
job website, customers will automaically show up and start buying stuff. When
those customers don’t materialize, the site owner often gives up and quits. In
order for any stay at home jobsite to attract quality visitors, there are some
things that need to be done. In this article, I will give you a small list of
objectives, along with brief hints on how to go about meeting them. If you
follow through, your site will advance in the search engine rankings, and before
you know it the visitors will be showing up faster than you can count them.

Fact 1: Search Engines Love Content

Involve yourself in an ongoing process of collecting and/or producing articles
for inclusion on your site. There are many sources of articles on the Internet.
Some of them charge a small fee, while others are free. Look for articles that
are relevant to the subject of your site, and add them. If these articles are
rich with the keywords that you wish to target, so much the better. You can also
write your own articles. This allows you to concentrate on the keywords that you
wish to target, and establishes you as an expert in your field. By adding your
resource box, with your URL, to the end of your articles and then submitting
them to other sites and Ezines, you can generate additional traffic to your
site. More about this later. Invite your visitors to submit articles to your
site for publication. This helps to build visitor loyalty, because eveybody
likes to see their name in print;)

Fact 2: Search Engines Love Links

The second thing that you need to do is exchange links with other websites.
Search Engines look to see how many links point to your site and use this
information to gauge the importance of your site. The more links you have, the
better, but look for links that add value for your visitors. Make sure that you
link to quality sites that are somehow related to what your visitors are looking
for. In this way, you will get traffic that is targeted to what you are trying
to sell. This will increase your chances of making sales or signing up
affiliates who have a good chance of being successful in your business. There
are two basic types of links; reciprocal links and one way links. Reciprocal
links occur when you trade links with another website. These are important
because not only do they help in your rankings, they also generate traffic from
the sites that you link to. One way links are a bit different. These are links
that point people to your site, but do not point your visitors away from your
site. As a result, they are more valuable. Not too many webmasters are willing
to give away one way links, but there are a couple of good techniques that you
can use to get them.

1. Write articles and offer them for publication. You will be pleasantly
surprised by the number of sites and Ezines that are looking for quality
articles to use for content. By placing your resource box at the end of the
article, and including a link to your site, you can generate dozens, if not
hundreds of one way links to your site. To find sites that accept articles,
simply do a search for ‘Free Website Content.’ You will find several good sites.
Also think about joining the Directory of Ezines. Many of the publications
listed there accept articles, and some of them will even invite you to write for
them on a regular basis.

2. Visit several forums and bulletin boards that deal with stay at home jobs.
Especially, those that are directly related to your field of expertise. Many of
these allow you to include your URL in your signature block. By participating in
these forums, you will be able to create many more one way links to your site.
Just make sure that you offer sound advice, and make relevant posts. If you
don’t, you could be considered a nuisance or worse, a spammer.

The addition of content in the form of articles and links to your site should be
an ongoing process. If you concentrate on these two things and continually add
to your site, you will not only move up in the search engine rankings, but you
will end up with a site that has great value to your visitors. Add to your site
every day. Remember, you are in competition with a lot of other related
websites, and chances are,they are already be doing this.

Please refer following web sites for useful resources:




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Feb 022023

An entrepreneur of my acquaintance, in a rush to get his new company up and running, launched his new online publishing venture with a press release and great industry fanfare. Not three days later, he received the kind of letter business owners dread: a cease-and-desist request from the lawyer for a company that said the name of the new venture infringed on their trademark. Ouch!

My colleague held emergency brainstorming sessions with his cronies, registered a new domain, announced the name change, only to receive a barrage of criticism from British and Australian colleagues that for them, the new name had negative and even somewhat obscene connotations. He changed the company name and corresponding URL again. Quadruple ouch!

The moral of the story: Names matter. In your inventor’s zeal for getting the technical stuff right, don’t leave a blank for the company name and then pick one at the last minute. Take the time to choose a business name that has these characteristics:

* Suggests the content or subject area of your business

* Has pizzazz

* Makes a positive impression on your target market

* Can be easily spelled and pronounced

* If the company will mainly do business online, corresponds to an available domain

* Is legally available for use

Tips for Brainstorming Names

A comprehensive, free guide to brainstorming a winning company name can be found at www.yudkin.com/generate.htm. Another series of steps to follow are these:

1. Find 8-10 company names that you like – not necessarily in your own industry.

2. Analyze the type or formation of these names. For instance:

Google, Yahoo – short, sounds humorous

Dr. Pepper, Green Giant – based on a fictitious character

Done Yesterday, Call Caren! – describes a result or says what to do

Speedy Muffler, One Stop Frame Shop – states the competitive advantage

A Quiet Touch, Tranquility Day Spa – emphasizes a feeling

Queen of Clean, A Hire Authority – catchy, uses a meaningful rhyme or pun

Riviera Diamonds, Niagara Well Services – evocative geographical reference

3. Use the patterns of the names you like to think up new names that fit your line of work, target audience, competitive strengths and personal preferences. Always brainstorm dozens of possibilities, not just a few.

4. Run your candidates through the criteria listed above. Get feedback from trusted friends, clients and colleagues. Select your top choice from those remaining.

Checking the Availability of Company Names

The surest way to avoid getting a cease-and-desist letter is to hire an attorney to do a trademark search. Refer also to these free online resources for business name availability in various English-speaking countries:

United States:


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Feb 012023

It’s unbelievable….that many people do not know, that an
automatic responder in your first few months of promoting your
service, product or opportunity, is the most important tool in
your box!

So, you have just joined your new business or taken on a new
product that you would like to make you a few dollars or a lot
of dollars on the net, first thing you must do is get yourself
an automatic responder.

You can get them free from lots of places on the net if cash is
tight, but remember if it’s free then there will be a down side,
like their ads on your mail to your subscribers so think
carefully on what you decide,choosing your automatic responder
will probably be the single most important decision you will

Right, you have an automatic responder. let’s get started.

You need to pre-load your automatic responder with informative
articles related to your business this will give you credibility
with your readership, write some of your own it’s not that
difficult once you get started.

Try to pre-load your automatic responder with 52
messages/articles, that’s one per week for a year. If this
sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry there are lots of places that
you can get stuff to fill your autoresponder with for free try
ezinearticles.com, so in a few days your ezine should be ready
to go.

Don’t bother too much if you only have a few messages at this
point you can add them as you go.

Now that’s out of the way add your [[sig]] file at the bottom of
every article on your automatic responder , this should contain
your name and URL of the business you are promoting and a short
description of the business,you do this once the automatic
responder puts it on every e-mail automatically.

Now you have set this up your automatic responder will
deliver your messages to your subscribers every
week or month, depending how you set it up.

How to build your subscriber list.

Visit Google and do a search for ezine directories, the last
time I did this there was about 88,000 listings.

This is where the work starts and where most fail, you can buy
software to help with submitting your ezine but it costs. If
you want your ezine to be a success then its time to get busy
and I mean busy, you should submit to at least 200!

Another way to promote your ezine is through Announcement Lists

Done correctly Announcement Lists could get you up to 800 new
subscribers per week to your automatic responder!

If you visit Google and search for ezine announcement lists and
sign up to a few yourself, you will then see how it works.

Start announcing your ezine to as many annoucement lists as you
can, spend a whole day to get off to a good start!

Your aim is to have at least 3000 subscribers to your ezine, at
this point with your automatic responder you can virtually make
money on demand.

Sign up to a few ezines yourself to get an idea of how people
run their ezines, this will give you an idea how to run yours.

OK, so you don’t have the time for the above, then you can buy
leads to fill your automatic responder with a pay-per-subscriber
service, try lead factory.com.

The whole idea of having a list is to build a relationship with
your subscribers, who then will be more likely to buy from you.

Make no mistake about it, if you are going to sell anything on
line in your first year it will almost certainly be by email and
not from your website.

I hope the above is enough to get you started with your list and
automatic responder, there are a lot of people that make their
living on line with only their list and automatic responder , so
can you!

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