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May 232022

Innovative mobile phones have become such a rage among mobile phone users that every now and then, you can expect the launch of a new mobile phone with superb features. Well, among other popular mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia has earned a special place because of its consistent jest for innovation. The Nokia N93 is one of those innovative phones, which would definitely make you crave for one. Actually, Nokia N93 is another addition in the tremendously popular Nokia N series. As such, Nokia N93 has so much to offer that it has really earned a firm place for itself among other popular phones.

With Nokia N93, you can enjoy an excellent video experience, what you always want to have in your own mobile handset. It is loaded with a superb camera and an ultimate device, which is used for video recording. All these qualities have earned another name ‘digital camcorder’ for the Nokia N93. All the essential features are there for you with Carl Zeiss optics, 3.2-megapixel camera, 20x digital zooming and DVD-like video capturing capability.

The Nokia N93 is very well equipped to satisfy your music interests. It comes with a digital music player with a stereo sound and there is a FM player to give you enough choices. So, enjoy all your favourite music, the way you like. If there are other things, which you want to do then you can also make your own play lists to put all your favourite tracks with its hands-free speaker.

Well, when it comes to memory, the Nokia N93 is loaded with 50MB memory. If that is not enough for you, then you can easily add more memory by using miniSD card. This memory card is good enough to store more than 2500 high quality photos with DVD-like quality videos.

Treasure all your favourite stuff and share with your loved ones just by clicking with your Nokia 93. View all your favourite video clips with an amazing 160-degree viewing angle. Share easily by email, Bluetooth or just by blogging. Go on with the Nokia N93 and have loads of fun.

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May 222022

I struggled around for almost 18 months before I realized that to have real success online, I needed to have my own product.

After I realized that, I created my first one… then another… and another… I started to get obsessed with product creation.

And that’s the topic of this newsletter is creating your own product. I’m going to show you 19 ways to create your own products quickly.

But, before I do, I wanted to talk about a few key things.

1st – don’t do all the work yourself (we covered this before when we talked about outsourcing)

2nd – the key is quality content… It doesn’t matter if you have to film in on your home camcorder or a recorded phone call… if the content is high quality – your customers will love you.

I paid $50 for a weightlifting DVD the other day, and when I turned it on… the opening scene was black.

Then you heard the guys wife say “I can’t see anything.”

A second later the guy said, “You’ve got to take the lens cap off honey!”

You then saw her take the lens cap off, and he started teaching.

Now, that was horrible quality, but the content was amazing. I ended up buying all 6 dvd in his series BECAUSE THE CONTENT WAS SO GOOD!

I know quite a few people who get caught up in making everything look too professional. I had one friend spent thousands of dollars filming and producing one DVD (which turned out very nice BTW) – but all of his budget was spent on
that, and had no moolah left over to market the product.

He still hasn’t made his initial investment back.

My point isn’t to make products that are crap – but to create the highest level quality content as possible, and your subscribers will appreciate it. I’ve been going back now with all of my old products and now repackaging them now that I can afford to.

3rd – just do it. Remember from before my motto “Ready, Fire, Aim.” Get the product idea, create it and get it out there as fast as possible. Money follows speed, and if you don’t go fast you will loose out.

Another reason to go fast is because what if your product is a flop? Another important lesson is to fail fast. I’ve known one person who’s been trying to sell the same ebook for the 5 years I’ve known him with absolutely no success.

Like my friend Marlon Sanders says, “Dead ducks don’t quack!” If you have a dead duck – move on to something new – FAST!

4th – people pay different prices for the same content delivered in different ways.

What I mean is that you can sell an ebook for $27. Now, if you take that exact same content, record it into a “book on CD” – you can sell that same content (in a different format) for a lot more – usually $97 or more.

Now, let’s say you want to go to the next level… what if you took the audio, and the text, and combined them into a video. You could make a camtasia video that shows the bullet points from the book as the audio reads through them.

Or create an outline from the text, and record yourself teaching the concepts…

There are a million ways to switch forms of content – but just remember that people pay more for audio then they do text… and more for video then they do audio.

Ok – now that that is out of the way – let’s get to work.

Here are 19 ways to create a product:

1st – Software Creation – Creating software is one of the easiest ways to create a product fast. You can create something for almost any niche. I have one client who had a public domain book about dream interpretation – so he had someone create a software program for under $100 where the user could type in a word, and if found that interpretation in the book and displayed it for the end user.

2nd – Public Domain – this is one of my FAVORITES!!! These are “works” where the copyrights has expired. You are able to take these and re-package them and sell them as your own products!

3rd – Interviews – interview an expert in ANY field and sell the recordings and/or the transcripts. This is the best way to become an expert in any field – just interview the experts and people will see you as one of them.

4th – Seminar Videos – put on your own seminar, record it with a video camera and sell the footage.

5th – Re-niche content – if your selling a product (or bought rights to a product) – you can re-niche it for a different audience. Example would be if you sell a book about speed reading, re-niche it to “speed reading for students.”

6th – Book on CD – record yourself reading your book and sell it on cd.

7th – Resource CD – compile a list of resources for a specific niche, and sell the directory. I’ve personally bought resources on supplements directories and also one on “spy” stuff. (I know – I’m a geek)

8th – Recycle content – take products or content you’ve created in the past and re-use it. I’m using this blog post as a newsletter, an article, probably a chapter in a future book… Recycle what you’re doing now.

9th – Camtasia Video – this is one of the most powerful tools online marketers have. Create screen capture videos of anything you can do on your computer. Demos of software – PowerPoint slides, how to… anything computer related. Think how much moolah the “computer professor” makes by making “how to” videos for different Microsoft products.

10th – Idea collection – Combine a list of ideas and sell those. I’ve got friends who sell list of ideas on how to make money quickly, how to clean your carpets, how to take care of lawns, etc…

11th – Others experts submit content – get others to submit articles, or audios, or vidoes, and compile them into a product. I did this with one of my wrestling products. I had people submit their best stories, pictures and poems and compiled them into a product.

12th – Podcasts – like an online radio show that you can download. Have paid podcasts – or record a bunch, then take the recordings and put them onto CD’s.

13th – Membership sites – have residual income coming in when people pay you over and over again for access to your membership site. You can provide content in your membership sites – or create software programs that people have to pay monthly to use.

14th – Teleseminars – just record yourself interviewing someone or teaching on a subject that you know a lot about. The majority of my products were created with some type of teleseminar.

15th – Ghostwriters – hire someone (think outsourcing again) to write a book on a the subject that you want to sell.

16th – Free coaching calls – do free coaching calls for your members, track their progress, then compile the recordings into a product.

17th – Mastermind roundtables – get a group of experts together and have them discuss the subject – record the full thing and you’ve got an instant product!

18th – Private Label – similar to public domain, but usually created w/ the intent to sell w/out a copyright. A million ways to use private label stuff. Most people fail at this because they try to sell the content “as is.” Be sure to make it your own and you’ll have a ton of success with these.

19th – Case studies – one of the best products I bought this year is 12 hours of case studies. The people teaching the course compiled hundreds of casestudies for the subject we were learning about, and then explained how they all worked.

Ok – there’s 19 ideas. Hopefully that will give you an idea for your first product.

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I am really happy now because my efforts on writing the headline above have finally paid off!

Most e-books and reports on headline generation are incomplete and rehashed information. Many of them are nothing more than a pile of out-dated theories that get no results. In a nutshell, they tell you to apply one formula and get a miraculous money-making headline! They all miss what a headline really is. Here is why…

Basically, a headline is a sentence that attracts reader’s attention. Right?

But everyone uses headlines and no one really stands out of the crowd though. That’s why you need a ‘good’ headline. So you apply one of those ‘miraculous formulas’ and you come up with a good headline. In that case, you can force prospects to ignore your competitors’ headlines and read yours! Great.

But as you can see. People are smart. Most of marketers use those formulas just as you do now. Just when you thought you would made a start, you are back where you begin.

You definitely need something that beats any good headline out there. You need a ‘proven’ headline!

I won’t waste your time here. So, I will get to the point and tell you about my “make or break” secret to choose effective titles. I have discovered this technique through my 4 years of writing on the web. Here it is:

Headlines which shift your focus, will also do the same with your customers -Period.

And here is exactly how I apply it to my copywriting…

First, I brainstorm series of simple lines using the obvious mechanical components like:

1. Use one of these formulas (but not necessary!):

The “How to…” formula:

How to become _____
How to earn _____
How to get _____
How to improve your _____
How to win _____

I will give you a classic that has proven to be successful: “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

2. Use benefits not features:
You have certainly heard about this before. And yes, it also applies to headlines. For example:
Headline #1: “How to Send Your Article to Hundreds of Editors”
Headline #2: “How to Get Your Article Published by Dozens of Editors”

Personally, I prefer the second headline because it is much more interesting. Don’t you think?

3. Use power words into your headline:
A power word can really entice people to action. I maintain a list of power words I use from time to time. Here are a few:


The important thing is place one or two of these power words so that the headline becomes stronger. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say you stuff the title with these words! Use them only if they do really apply to your ad copy.

Well, try to compile a list of three up to five ‘raw’ headlines from what you have learned so far. But wait, do not publish them; not yet. Before that, you need to select the most appealing title. The one that will drive most visitors attention. How can you do that?

Simple. Just read all your headlines out loud and ‘zero-in’ the one that makes you take action… The one that leaves you wanting more.

I call this, the proven headline.

In fact, this is the title that can almost guarantee that readers will notice it. How do I know that?

Very simple. More than 80% of your qualified audience will always be attracted by the same things you are interested in. They breath and think in business just like you do! If one sentence can have such an effect on you, it will do the same on your target audience. It is as simple as that. And it works!

Don’t worry if you cannot seem to come up with the proven headline on your own. I still have a fantastic solution for you at the end of this article!

With that said, I have to tell you about a phenomenon that is spreading around the internet. I am talking about software automation. And especially, headline generation software. I have been building software for the Internet business since 2002, so I know how these bots work.

People love these programs because they are easy to use. I can understand that. But do they know that the headlines generated that way are not gauranteed. To simplify to the extreme, these programs adapt well-known headline formulas to your business -no more than that. The drawback is the lack of updates. In fact, theorical templates that once worked well, don’t pull anything today.

So if you plan to invest buckets of cash on one of these programs, ask for regular updates (that should be free of charge). Otherwise, you are throwing your hard-earned money in unprofitable advertising and rehashed information.

Another popular alternative is testing your headlines. Yes, the same old ‘trial-and-error’ cycle. You know… placing a headline, checking out your web log stats weekly to figure out the click-through rate. Then comparing it with the previous headline results and repeating the whole process over and over again…

Please, don’t get me wrong, the headline testing is fine. There is nothing wrong with this concept. But it is too difficult to set up and maintain. Actually, I know of no marketer who enjoys doing that. I mean, who has the time (and nerves!) to place, check, track, compare, refine, replace again week after week.

Unless you have plenty of hours a day to spend in front of your computer. Or you are well paid for doing that!

As an online marketer (merchant or affiliate), you cannot afford to explode your marketing budget on testing like $Million companies do. In fact, if there is one secret on success online, it could be this: “Get the best from your money and time”.

It is all a return-on-investment game. If you have $45 to spend in marketing your online business then make a ‘$45’ marketing plan. Otherwise, you are heading to bankruptcy sooner or later! And remember, you are running a business instead of just a hobby.

Don’t make the mistakes we have made; it has taken me 4 years to discover this real good method. My advice is let people test and adapt what really works to your own needs; that’s just good business!

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May 202022

You can make money online over an Internet scene by highest grade focusing on what you perception. Any online business needs a website, but what encore do you awareness to start raking in the cash? For some colony, it seems it’s easy for them to make sales slip. Defense makes the difference? Follow not to be quoted signals to find out.

Story Your Internet Business Needs To Make Money Online publishing

1. Embark with shut your mouth website. Links on the left, content in the middle, a banner at the top and id est is it. Ads? Keep them to a minimum. Three per page at the far out. Efficacious products? Make it easy to find shut your mouth heir pages.

2. You have a newsletter, right? Most business could use a newsletter of their own or make use of newsletters by paying for advertising on more inner circle newsletters. Don’t know how to start a newsletter? Look up on hold your tongue favorite search engine how to undertake an online newsletter.

3. Chat rooms are easy to set up, but can you bring people in to chat? People love a free chat room and more people in your chat room means bis ad revenue for your internet business. What can you do to promote a web chat room? Henpeck other who do uncommon and learn from them.

4. Offer something for free. It may seem like you are being too nice, but a freebie gives the customer a chance to try out shut your mouth stuff. Perhaps you could offer something for signing up for not another peep free newsletter. Notable way, you both get something, they get the freebie, and you get another subscriber.

5. Do you really need a message board? An empty message board good deed make people think no one cares for your website. Unless you can get a group of friends to come in now and again day and chat, there might not be any task. Don’t put one up unless you can do this!

6. Hold your tongue website special needs education content. Provide your Internet business with content and you favor increase the money you make online. You not faintly provide articles for your visitors to read while they are there, articles also go a long way to help you with your search engine rankings.

7. Your website should have meta tags available. Eyes-only meta tags are code embedded into hush HTML code of your website videlicet tells search engine spiders what your page is transpire. It matches say nothing meta tags with your content to see if they match. Do you have different meta tags for each page? You should.

8. Take a Alcoholics Anonymous back and look at your Internet business, are you really amorous play money online like you wish? Do you wish you were doing something else? Sometimes looking at say nothing business now and again a different angle will put concerns digest prospective.

9. Take care to write shut your mouth thoughts on your business and big idea you will provide your customers. Will you go the extra mile? Rapport you be happy to chat with them, even if it’s 2am? Tell them this!

10. A good privacy policy friendship do wonders for those weary about giving away their email thank and other information. Make sure the link is posted on every page.

11. Maybe you are interested in a telecommute job where you can work on occasion home using the internet. There are plenty of jobs out there for anyone that might panhandle them.

In conclusion, making money online publishing is not such a difficult thing if you follow the eleven steps id est above. Follow shut your mouth passion and work cash at it and you will do fine. homepage

May 192022

The holiday season is upon us and for most of us this means gaining weight!
But the truth is, this Christmas season you don’t have to gain weight; in fact you can enjoy the festivities and even shed those some 5-1o pounds. Using these simple strategies

Here’s the math you need to know, to make this holiday season productive: first to lose 5 pounds, you need to shave 17,500 calories (or 3,500 per pound). Break that down over November and December and it works out to only 300 calories a day. That is not much at all!

At this rate you’re losing at a very healthy, controlled rate–less than a pound a week–which makes you more likely to stick to your weight-loss efforts and keep the weight off post-Jan. 1. Here’s how to do it. 300 Calories is nothing! It is the equivalent of a star bucks mocha frappachino! Or three donuts!

First step 1 Cut back on calories slowly and modestly

The secret to effective weight control is to do things modestly and this includes Resisting the temptation to make major cuts in your diet. Don’t fool yourself because there are just too many fabulous things around to eat this time of year. Instead, aim to reduce your intake by just 100 calories every day, while bumping up the frequency and intensity of your workouts. Sacrifice treats here and there- nothing exceptional!
The way I like to do it is to add an additional 10 minutes of aerobics to my schedule, this tends to offset the calorie increases at the holidays, focus on exercise–that way you won’t feel deprived of the good stuff the holiday brings.

Cutting calories is easy if you know where to look. For instance, you can sacrifice that extra cup of coffee or give up one slice of bread; this simple two-step will cut an extra 200 calories from your diet!
Next you can choose to eat clean, by clean I mean choose lean fish or grilled, skinless chicken breast over red meat, you can also very easily save another 100-200 calories by doing that!

2 Use your free time wisely
This is the holiday season, so you are likely to have some free time! Use this time to get in more workouts and it does not have to be complicated, walk or run an extra 10-20 minutes rather than watch T.V. Also you want to make sure you never miss meals!

Eating frequent, smaller meals is the key to losing weight!
So make sure you eat a small meal or snack every three to four hours to prevent overeating. If you’re going holiday shopping all day, bring something to keep you going, like a some carrot or celery sticks! These will keep you full and prevent sinful snacking.

3 Enjoy the goodies (in moderation)

If you deprive yourself of your treats, you are more likely to quit!

So make sure you do treat yourself in small amounts-sometimes just a bite is enough to kill a craving! Feel like chocolate? Fine, have a bite or two-then let go of it!

You must have will power for that! Because if you don’t, one bite will lead to another (and another), you’ll probably need to keep the forbidden foods out of the house altogether.
If you can’t miss any Christmas goodies, you can always save them for later by putting a few goodies in a Ziploc bag and freezing them. Knowing that you can have a bite of Christmas fudge in February may take the edge off and keep you from overindulging now. Remember we want what we can’t have!

4 Go to parties armed and ready

When it comes to parties, you want to make sure you bring your own healthful dish to a potluck or choose to drink seltzers-and-lime with lower-cal alcoholic drinks, you will be setting yourself up to succeed.

Here is how to make sure you eat right when you do head down the buffet line. First, fill half your plate with vegetables, one-quarter with lean protein like shrimp or chicken breast, and the rest with grains

It is that simple, four simple steps to make sure this Christmas season becomes a time of staying in shape and not gaining weight!

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May 182022

Everyone is talking about SEO these days and the best ways to go about it. There are s may different theories that it can be pretty hard to sort through them all and still have time to use them.

These days if a site is to succeed SEO needs to be addressed. Search engine optimization is a powerful tool, one that can change the way your site is seen by others. In fact, without any there is a good chance that your site will never be seen at all.

Your best bet is to hire a professional to do your SEO for you. This is the easiest way by far to ensure that the job gets done right. This does not mean that you shouldn’t do a little bit of homework yourself though.

Even when you outsource this work, you still need to know the basics in order to make sure you are not throwing your money away. You need to see that you are not getting taken advantage of and the only way to do that is to make it clear to the professional that you are no dummy.

Let them know from the start that you know your stuff. Never tell them that you are new to the game of SEO, that is just opening the door to trouble. Instead you need to throw around some terms and make it look like you know even more than you do, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

If you want to save some money then you will need to do your best to learn what you can on your own. SEO is a complicated matter and it is vital that you take things slow. You can simply learn as you go, that is what I did and I am a seasoned pro now.

Start with the basics, put them to use and go from there. The internet is a fount of information and the vast majority of it is free. Why pay for something if you don’t have to. You may want to checkout the local library as well, you could find a ton of books there to read through. Just make sure you take notes.

One last tip: If you do choose to hire an SEO professional pick their brain as they work. Keep comprehensive notes on everything he or she tells you so that the next time you need to get this job done, you will be able to do it yourself. Ask all of the questions you can think of, it will save you thousands in the future.

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May 172022

If you have a computer you have probably been on the internet a few times. If so I guess you have heard about paid surveys. Right? If you are looking opportunities of making money online, one of the first things people get to know is online paid surveys and how they are able to make money with them. For us who have been on the internet for a while, this is well known. Many people have heard about paid surveys, but they actually don’t know much about they work but still be wondering how to utilize them for making money. This article is for these people and if you are one of them keep on reading – it might be profitable for you.

Below I have listed the most common questions regarding paid surveys and I have also written answers to those questions based on my own experience as a user of this method. The purpose is to help you gain better understanding about the online paid survey process.

What is an online survey?

Online surveys provide a way by which data about people, services or products are gathered through internet. This way to describe it is pretty good if you want to get an idea what to expect from such a survey. Each survey contain a number of questions on a particular topic. To give you an example, it can be a product satisfaction survey which may consist of various questions designed to get your opinion about different characteristics of the product – if you find it helpful, if it is costly for you or if it has a decent price, how frequently you would buy it, etc.

Who needs such surveys?

Surveys are a typical market research tool. They are the preferred method of many marketing companies to assemble and filter consumers’ opinion that help them improve their marketing activities.

Why marketing companies are paying consumers for their opinions

In fact, many people would be happy to complete a survey for free. Today we are surrounded with people who want our opinion; in our mail boxes, on our phone and on our doorsteps. Many people are tiered of this and won’t bother or will even give cheeky answers. If you are paid for your opinion, you are more likely to increase your engagement and give answers that are in harmony with what you really mean. When you are paid you have the necessary motivation to answer it and if you utilize this option from several companies you can earn extra money using paid surveys. That is why many – especially home mothers and fathers and other people with much leisure time – are attracted towards it. The expense represented by the payout is reasonable for the surveying marketing company – the data is vital for planning their activities thus saving a fortune on possible wrong marketing campaigns.

How can I start receiving online paid surveys and start to make money?

To enter the world of this opportunity to earn extra cash you just need to join some online paid survey programs. As soon as your registration, you will start receiving surveys. The frequency at which you get surveys will depend on your profile and on the survey company type as well as how many survey companies you have signed up for.

How much will I be earning?

The payment varies from each survey which means that each of them will bring you different amount of money. It will vary with the company as well as with the type of survey you answer. Some of them may bring you just $3 while other can add up to $50 and even more to your monthly balance. The total earnings each month depend on the kind of surveys you will be completing and their amount. The amount of surveys you get from one company is difficult to predict so you better do not depend on this income. What you can do though, is to join as many companies as possible. The more companies you the more income your are likely to receive.

How will I get paid?

Each individual company or site has a different payment method. The most common payment options are:

payment with cheque,

payment via Pal Pay (this requires a Paypal account which is free and very easy to get)

payment to your credit card.

Make sure that you have checked the method of payment that you need before taking up the surveys. This will keep you away for a nasty surprise.

Are there some scams I should watch out for?

As with most other online stuff, it is better to watch and be careful to whom you are disclosing your data. Unfortunately there are many more fake sites than the genuine ones and no wonder that you come across the fake ones in the first page of your search engine. If you take this seriously and treat it as a genuine income opportunity, it is mandatory to read the contracts, terms and conditions related to those sites. This will give you a fairly clear idea of how they operate or at least how you might lose your money! Serious paid survey companies will have their contact numbers and address displayed in their website. If this information is lacking you should think twice before investing.

The best advice I can give you is to check out what other people are saying about the company in discussion forums and other media and publications which can give you an idea about that company, for example by doing a search with the company or website name plus “review” or “testimonial”.

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