Sep 302022

There are thousands of articles, books and forum posts which showed that content is king in search engine optimization (SEO). In this article, you can find some ways that can help you improve this king content for your web site.

* Content for people first, not for search engines – Some webmasters make a common mistake that they optimize everything for search engines but forget about web visitors. The goal of our website is not only to get high search rankings, but also to sell our service. So you should give your website visitors what they are really looking for. Make sure your content flows naturally and you’re not just trying to stuff more keywords in the interest of search engines. If users don’t find your content convincing they won’t buy from you.

* Studying popular search terms – High search engine ranking is meaningless if your website only ranks high on terms nobody searches for. You need to ask your colleagues, vendors, competitors, clients, … or use online tools (e.g.: to identify what keywords which potential customers would use to search your web site, then try to use them often, in titles, and throughout the body.

* Building article directory – How can you optimize the content if your web site only offers a simple service? It means there are just several pages in your whole website. So, to increase the content in quality you should write some articles, reviews which are related to your service. A site with more web pages means there are more chances of different terms that will become findable in search engines. You may consider adding free articles to your article directory. On the Internet today, one can find a lot of websites which provide articles free for republishing. Of course you must accept the policy of these web sites and authors before using these articles.

* Making a clear website organization – Build a site which is simple to navigate with a well linking structure. Every page should be accessible from at least one text link. It’s better to be sparing with image links, Flash, JavaScript drop-down menus, or other codes that are not HTML based… because the search engine crawlers cannot recognize text contained in these kinds of display. In case using them is required, then make sure a text based menu or a sitemap is also included in the Web site. Last but not least, you should use meaningful words in your URLs, use as simple a web page layout and design as possible.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that content is king in the kingdom of search engines. The quality of your content is the main factor which decides the success in Internet marketing. So improving your content is very necessary.

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Sep 292022


Lighten up. Put away any dark throws, rugs etc. Use white or cream accessories wherever you can and free your rooms of as much clutter as possible. Natural or white wicker baskets can store essentials neatly.

Gather together all your floral china and indoors or out set the prettiest afternoon tea table ever. The pieces don’t have to match, it’s almost better if they don’t! Float some flower heads in a glass bowl of water or
some slices of lemon and lime and add a floating candle or two if you have them. Just add cucumber sandwiches, fruit cake and of course plenty of hot aromatic tea.

Make a cheesecake. Get wonderful recipes here

White or pale cream lace looks lovely with Summer flowers. Drape cloths on indoor or outdoor tables for a touch of vintage luxury.

The most amazing table decoration for a Summer party is an ice bowl. Get instructions on how to make one at the links below.,2041,DIY_14026_2277634,00.html
These always look amazing and gets lots of compliments.

Give an inexpensive bunch of flowers designer style by displaying them in a group of vases or glasses of varying heights. Experiment, you’ll love the results.

An inexpensive way to add drama to a plain wall is to stretch and staple a bold piece of fabric over a wooden frame. It’s easy to change too should you get tired of it.

Start a kitchenalia collection. Yard sales, flea markets and boot sales are good hunting grounds for retro and vintage kitchen equipment, but an often overlooked fact is that older members of your family may still have lots of this stuff tucked away in cupboards and would be glad to let you have it.

A table runner makes a pretty alternative or addition to a cloth. As this is basically a rectangle of fabric hemmed on all four sides, it is easy to make several to suit the mood you want. Runners are very economical on fabric too. Make napkins out of any leftover fabric.

Paint tired pine, garage sale or hand me down furniture white or cream to bring it bang up to date.

Makeover your linen cupboard. Line the shelves with pretty wallpaper or gift wrapping paper so that it is a pleasure to open. Tie sets of bedding together with pretty ribbons and use lavender sachets to make
everything smell wonderful and repel moths.

Your home can be whatever you want it to be. Whether your fantasy is a sophisticated urban pad, a whitewashed beach house or a country cottage – think of it as that, decorate as that – why not?

Just as you fill your home with the spicy scents of cinnammon and pine at Christmas time, bring perfumed roses, sweet peas and fragrant herbs in to your Summer home.

Make lots of ice and serve long cool drinks from a pretty jug on a hot afternoon.

Change heavy curtains for florals or sheers to instantly brighten any room. Tie them back to maximise the light coming in.

Change any dusty candle arrangements for new pastel ones. Old fashioned glass cake plates with pedestals are good bases for candles as they keep the heat off polished table tops. Wind beaded wire around the candles for added sparkle.

Make up your bed with crisp white sheets and pillowcases and place a pretty flower arrangement on your bedside table.

Cover some cardboard boxes with fabric for pretty storage for any room. Full instructions here or find pretty boxes meant for gift wrapping in card and gift stores.


Light your garden for lazy evening gatherings. Use lanterns, flares or solar push in lights if you don’t want to run electricity. Citronella candles help keep bugs away.

Style your garden the way you would your home. Add decorative jars, stones, cones, shells, windchimes, cushions etc. to your outdoor space, however small. Even one chair and a pot of flowering plants straight from the garden store will lift your spirit when glimpsed through the window and entice you outside.

Make a still life of garden tools, flowers in a trug, straw hats, watering cans, gardening gloves and such in a boring corner of your yard or porch.

Make a pretty chair planter. This is a charming addition to a country garden. Full instructions here

Seaside striped pillows or table cloths, shells, buckets and spades, a fat trashy novel and a deckchair or two equals instant seaside vibe.

If traffic or other urban noise is a problem when trying to relax outside, play some gentle music or tapes of birdsong, waves crashing on a beach or other sounds of nature.

If you have a timber garden shed consider having a major declutter, sorting out essential storage and using it as a Summer house. Pale lavender, pale blue grey or the palest pink paint would help the transformation and look wonderful. A comfy chair, a pile of books you’ve always wanted to read…………escape there whenever
you can.

Copyright 2004
Colleen Moulding

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Sep 282022

Ask six rune experts ‘ Where did the runes originate from ?’ and you will probably get 6 different answers. There are different versions of runes for each culture and era they seemed to come from. One person told me they came from the vikings, another said they originated from the druids, yet another said they came from aliens, each person was serious and thought they had the correct origins of the runes, how can everyone have a different answer about them ? The answer appears to be ‘ time ‘, over the years folks have made up so many tales about the runes that nobody knows the true origin of them. The very name ‘ rune ‘, is a word derived from the Gothic word ‘ runa ‘, which means “mystery.”

One of the oldest and first recorded uses of runes came from German tribes in central and Eastern Europe, these early uses of runes show that they were not even meant to be a language for everyday speech, but were used as a symbolic alphabet system. Each rune letter or shape had it’s own sound, and meaning, in fact each rune represented a deity or so called God, that gave it it’s special power. People of old believed that by carving runes into their personal property or other items, the God or deity over that rune would protect the item, they even believed that a sword could be made more powerful for use in battle by carving runes into it.

There are at least 6 different types of runes or rune alphabets that folks use or dabble with today, and each rune alphabet is supposedly the correct set to use, if you ask the person that uses them. Runes hold no more special meaning than any symbols, drawings or sigils do, unless you have a belief that they are magical and will it, they are nothing more then drawing a circle or a square and giving them special meanings. For instance if I was around hundreds of years ago, I might of looked towards the sun in the sky and then drawn or carved a circle on a stone or piece of wood, to me it meant the power of the mighty glowing circle of fire in the sky, to someone else years later that discovered my circle carved into the stone, they may think that circle represented a wheel, eye, moon, or just a plain circle. Each person uses runes for their own purposes and each person seems to give them their own meanings.

In ancient Europe a lot of adults seemed to do wood carvings, in fact it was a prized skill handed down from one family member to another. An alphabet was needed that could easily be carved or scratched into the wood used by the carvers, runes were perfect for this since they consist of mostly straight lines linked together. Most uses of runes were nothing more than markers symbolizing ones trademark, or ownership of an item. Later they were altered and more symbols were added as the earth’s population grew and it’s linguistic skills required more rune symbols and meanings.

Runes were and are written different ways by different folks, some are written left to right, others are written right to left, or up to down, this again shows you that runes hold different meanings to different people.

Now days a lot of folks think the runes were used for magic or such things as divination and fortune telling, this again depends upon the person who reads such meanings into the runes. Years back when the Christian faith was adopted by Europe, the use of the runes fell and they were replaced by the more modern Roman/Latin Alphabet, in fact one letter of the latin alphabet even contain an earlier rune symbol as part of it’s language.

Years later as Christianity spread, use of the runes dropped, Church leaders did not understand their meanings and symbols, so they considered them evil or from the devil, this thinking has lasted even to today, and it is the basis for the thinking of modern occultists, druids and new-agers that the runes are magical and can be used in ceremonies or rituals. Even Hitler in his perverted thinking, used symbols of the rune alphabets in the nazi military insignia to supposedly give his army more power, this of course proved foolish as the nazi regime was crushed by other military forces.

But still many folks like using runes today because they are an ancient item, they hold mystique and even occult powers to some folks. I say use them for fun, don’t try using them for fortune telling or spell casting, all that stuff is clearly against the true source of power, the power of God and his son Jesus Christ. In fact to show you the weakness of runes for prophecy, modern runes contain a blank rune, this blank rune symbolizes the Unknowable, wouldn’t you think that a great source of knowledge or power would know all ? Again, look to the Bible and Jesus Christ for your future, it is the only book of prophecy that has been and will continue to be, 100% accurate.

Some of the common runes used still today, are: ‘ Elder Futhark ‘,’ Younger Futhark ‘,’ Anglo-Saxon Futhorc ‘,’ Robert’s Runes ‘, the later ‘ Robert’s Runes, has become very popular, as it is the only version of the runes that includes a full english alphabetic translation, which makes writing any english text in runes possible. Robert’s Runes are also available as a ‘ True Type Font ‘ for use on any WINDOWS based computer. ‘ Robert’s Rune Fonts ‘, can be downloaded for free at this website address:

By Robert W. Benjamin

Copyright © 2006

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

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Has your life become an endless string of days slogging through the same old mediocre rut that you have awakened to every morning for years and years? Can you even remember the hopes and dreams you had for yourself when you were younger? Have you noticed that the harder you work at setting goals and putting in overtime, your situation never changes?
Do you look around and see people who seem to have everything and who seem to cruise through life with little apparent stress or effort? Have you ever wondered what esoteric knowledge is tapped into, that you have no access to, by creative geniuses like Twain, Edison, Mozart and Steinmetz? Were Jesus, Gandhi, and the Buddha really made of stuff more holy than the rest of us?
The fact is that the super successful people of the modern age, the truly happy people in your neighborhood, the creative geniuses of ages past, and our holy teachers have all had one thing in common, whether they were consciously aware of it or not. That one thing is this: they tapped into the power of the universal laws of creation which we are all subject to and they aligned the creative energy that is in all things to manifest the reality of their own lives. Whether consciously or not, they lived not as if the outside world was something happening to them, but as if they were happening to the outside world. They created their own reality.
You can apply the same universal laws to your own life and create the reality you want for yourself. The fact is that you already know how to align yourself with these laws. You have simply forgotten how to do it.
This is not to say that all you have to do is wish for good luck and riches and it will come to you. As in all other things, there is no free lunch. You have to work for it. The good news is that there are many mentors out there who have discovered these secrets (or, have actually discovered that there are no secrets, there is only faulty memory) and who are standing ready to lead us along the paths they have already trodden. All we have to do is ask the right questions and really pay attention to and apply the answers.
We really can manifest the lives we want and by doing so, we can change the world.

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Sep 262022

It’s true.

A good example of a successful premium (free bonus) was in the Ginsu knife infomercials. If you’re familiar with the old Ginsu knife infomercials… you will remember how they’d use the “pile-on-technique” to get you to order. Can you remember, it went something like this…

“But wait, that’s not all! If you order immediately… you’ll not only receive the entire 36-piece set of Ginsu knives, I’ll also send you a second set absolutely free. And, you still get the free steak knife, the free cutting board… and… etc., etc., etc.”

Anyhow, the reason they did this… and the reason just about every infomercial uses the “pile-on-technique” is this: It works!

But the lesson here is: Whatever your product or service is, you should always include free bonuses to increase the perceived value of your offer and increase your sales and profit margins. Just use your imagination and I’m sure you can think of quite a number of ways to use high-perceived value premiums.

By the way, marketing wizard, Jay Abraham is the master at using the “pile-on-technique” to get people to buy. If you buy any of his stuff (which I highly recommend) you’ll be on the receiving end of a first-class education in how to use the “pile-on-technique”. He’ll sell a $5,000 seminar and “pile-on” over $10,000 worth of premiums if you sign up for the seminar.

Anyhow, if you’re not already, I suggest you use the “pile-on-technique” to boost your sales and profit margins. And the key to doing that by getting the prospect thinking: “Wow! I get all that valuable stuff for FREE? Damn, I’d have to be a moron not to get in on that offer!”

Look: You shouldn’t just aim to satisfy your customers. You should aim to astonish them! And the easiest way to astonish the customer is to deliver more than they pay for.

A few other important points to remember to successfully boost your sales using premiums (free bonuses):

* Always quantify the value of each premium (free bonus), both in real terms and perceived value. For example, you may offer a free bonus report that has a real price of $49.97… but… in the right hands could make somebody $10,000. Make damn sure you sell and educate the prospect about what you’re doing for them. Don’t give away $1,000 worth of free stuff without making sure the prospect knows exactly what you’ve just done for them!

* With already touched on this but it’s worth mentioning again: Your premium(s) must be desirable, of good quality, and have a high perceived that enhances the overall value of your main product. If you give away junk… not only will it not have any positive impact on your sales… in all likelihood it’ll backfire on you and hurt your sales.

* You can (and should) use premiums as a compel prospects to act fast and order your product or service right away. Maybe you’ve got a limited number of premiums you can give away. Maybe there’s a time-deadline on your premium offer. You get the idea. This is a scarcity tactic and the more a prospect feels that there’s a very real chance that if they stall they’re going to miss out on possessing the premium(s)… the faster they’re likely to order!

* As a general rule of thumb, offering 3 – 5 premiums is optimal. Offering too many premiums (say 10 – 12) sends up a “red flag” in the prospects mind because they start thinking to themselves, “Gee, if they’re giving away all those free bonuses I guess they’re a bit embarrassed about the quality / price of the main product.” Too many premiums are overkill – it will backfire on your sales conversion.

* The very best low-cost / high-perceived value premium is INFORMATION. For example, it costs next to nothing to create a simple report / CD / DVD etc.,… yet… the information itself can be immensely value… maybe even life-changing!

Okay, that about wraps up this article.

If you’re not using and capatilizing on proven power of premiums… shame on you!

Till next time.

Dan Lok

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You are selling your own home because you think you’re up to the task, that it can’t be that difficult? You’re right of course; however you want to make sure you abide by some basic common sense guidelines to help ensure your success. It’s not all about putting a sign on the lawn and an advert in the paper.

Your first step should be calling a lawyer. If you don’t have one you will need to find one. A good bet is to get a referral from friends or family. A lawyer at this stage of your sale will give you all the legal information you need to enter into the sale with a confidence that would be lacking otherwise. Your lawyer can do a title search on your home to make sure it’s free of encumbrances that may only turn up on closing i.e. an encroachment. Do you have an up to date survey? These can be deal killers at the last minute you want to avoid. You’ll need a search done anyway to close your sale.

Lawyers can also advise you on any new by-laws or regulations you should be aware of for your home and area. Every jurisdiction seems to have rules that need to be followed when preparing an offer to purchase form. A lawyer can make sure these special clauses are written into your offer to purchase form. Have your lawyer provide you with copies of the offer to purchase in hard copy format and also on disk so you can print them off your home PC when needed. Ask your lawyer how he would prefer to see your offer set up.

Ask your lawyer to give you any information you will need to make the closing of your sale timely and without any surprises. If there is anything that will hold up or quash your deal you want advance notice so you can take care of the problem now. Count on being charged for your lawyers’ services but it’s the old adage pay me now or pay me later.

Ask your lawyer to give you some insight into your mortgage situation. He can give you details and options based on your current loan that perhaps will help your sale. At the very least the lawyer can give you questions to ask at your lending institution i.e. is your mortgage assumable? If the interest rate and terms are attractive the purchaser may want to assume your current mortgage. All good stuff to know in advance of your sale. Likewise your mortgage may need to be removed so the purchaser can arrange their own financing. What are the ramifications with this, will it be expensive to remove?

When you recruit a real estate agent to help you sell your home, the good ones know all this information in advance. Any information they don’t have that can create problems generally surfaces at closing thanks to the lawyers. Your agent acts in your best interests along with your lawyer to sort out these problems at closing and many issues are usually dealt with to either parties’ satisfaction one way or another.

Not having an agent working for you means your chances of having a problem sometime during the process of trading your real estate is a real probability. The best way to mitigate your chances of potential headaches is to spend the money up front for a legal professional to sort through the landmines before you step on one and your deal disintegrates at the worst possible time. You’ll be investing a great deal of time selling your home. Make sure you are prepared. It is fairly simple to sell your own home. Closing that sale cleanly is another matter entirely.

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Sep 242022

Copyright © Robbie Fanucchi

We’ve all shopped at Costco. You ever notice how many free samples they give away? The other day I counted 8 free food sample stations set up throughout the store. I was truly amazed. A person could take a sample from each station and go home satisfied and full. Seeing all the freebies reinforced in my mind what a powerful marketing tactic giving away free stuff is. Just think how many of those samplers actually turned into a customer.

I know first hand that that in-store sampling pays off. I used to conduct product sampling in my accounts when I worked as a sales rep for a liquor distributor. Sales always increased, sometimes over 100 percent, and since I was paid commission, you can bet I scheduled as many in-store samplings as possible.

Now that I’ve become a Internet marketer, the same strategy pays off. Any expert in doing business online realizes the strength of using freebies to increase traffic. One reason this works is that Internet surfing is fast and furious. A visitor may click on your website, spend a few minutes and be off to the next site. So how do you make your website stay fresh in the visitor’s mind? Freebies.

However, with Internet marketing you can’t just give away a sample and hope to be rewarded. Costco’s demonstrations work because they sample impulse items; specifically food. The taste of food creates immediate impulse. As we revel in the delightful taste, our minds automatically start demanding we buy the product.

Most of us doing online business aren’t selling food. Rather, a lot of us are selling information, marketing systems and affiliate programs. These generally aren’t regarded as impulse items. Instead, a potential customer needs to be exposed to these systems repeatedly before becoming a consumer.

Therefore, some of the best freebies to give away are newsletters and mini-courses. Once the subscriber has a chance to evaluate the information you send them, you become an expert in their eyes. Viewing you as an expert builds their trust in you and makes them more likely to purchase your e-book, or become a member in your marketing programs.

An example of this is my website based on home business ideas and opportunities. Visitors can subscribe to a free newsletter with over 400 articles filled with Internet marketing tips. Getting a newsletter 2 to 3 times a week keeps my business alive in their minds.

Another example is the website I’m creating to sell my vegetarian e-cookbook. I want my visitors to be able to trust that the recipes are good. To do this, I’ll provide a newsletter on the benefits of a vegetarian diet and occasionally throw in a sample recipe. Once they see the benefits of a vegetarian diet and get to try a few of the recipes they will be more inclined to purchase the e-book. Again, the newsletter keeps my e-book fresh in their minds.

Just like Costco, giving away some sort of freebie on your website will definitely boost your traffic and sales. The easiest way to incorporate a newsletter or mini-course into your sales strategy is to use an autoresponder program. An autoresponder allows you to handle subscribers to your newsletter or course automatically. You don’t have to go through the hassle or time of manually responding to each request.

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Sep 232022

You want more out of your Adword invsetments? Learn 15 powerful ways to increase not only your response rate but also sky-rocket your earnings.

1. Create a list with all possible keywords that fit to your product, service or business field. The more the better. So you will get also a lot of keywords which you must pay for only the minimal investment of 5 cents.

2. Benefit from misspelling in order to find keywords which your competitors did not think of. For example if you have a emergency service , do not only bid for “emergency” but also for “imergency”, “imergensy” or “immergency”.

3. The first position on Googles search result page achieves usually most clicks. However this is also the most expensive position. Give it a try if the second to fourth display position gives you more visitors and more customers for less money.

4. The position of the Adwords-ad is determined not only by the maximum click price that you are ready to spend. Google evaluates also the relevancy of the displayed ad in order to position the Adwords-ads. The more clicks your ad receives, the higher it gets listed.

5. The headline in the Adwords-ad must catch the viewers attention. If you implement the keyword in the header line, you receive considerably more clicks onto your ad.

6. In the ad-text mention one or two reasons, why the Internet user should click on it. Which problem solves your product or service? Do you offer a product at a cheaper price or do you ship without the dispatch charges?

7. Avoid price wars at which a competitor and you attempt to outdo the click price for a keyword continuously mutually. You only see to it that the click price fires into the sky. It is better to find search-terms which consist of several words and which are more precise.

8. Google AdWords offers keyword-options which you should absolutely study. If properly set up you can make sure that your AdWords-ad appears only for example if the Internet-user has exclusively entered your term and no further.

9. Use “excluding keywords”. Those ones are keywords for which your ad is supposed not to appear. In this way you do not have to pay for clicks, when somebody is searching for free stuff or only for a pamphlet.

10. Construct for every keyword and for everyone of your AdWords ads an own landing-page. There you can offer especially that which the Internet-user searched for.

11. An own landing-page beside has also the advantage that you can measure exactly how many customers a specific Keyword and a specific ad brought in. You can optimize your displays continuously in this way and increase the purchase rate.

12. Update your AdWords-ads at specific events or holidays, for example to the New Year, Valentine, Easter or Christmas.

13. If you mention the price for a product or a service in the AdWords ad, then you can exclude in front the free- and all-free-searcher from clicking your ad.

14. Be conservatively in the selections of the countries and the languages in which your AdWords ads are supposed to appear. If your product or your service turn only to customers speaking in a German manner, you should tune “Germany” and “Austria” as countries. With corresponding success you can try out also further countries, for example Switzerland, and areas close to the border. This method can also be applied to any other language.

15. The Google ads are also displayed on partner sites of Google, for example at or If your AdWords ad costs too much and/or goes for too little profit, then interrupt the option that lets announce your ad also on the partner sites of Google. Test wisely. Not all ads run well on the partner sites.

Here you got 15 powerful methods to increase your Adwords profits. All you have to do is to take action and apply them NOW!

Happy earnings!

Copyright © 2006 Andreas Obermueller

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