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Nothing will give a woman peace of mind if they think they are pregnant until the question is answered. When money is already tight pregnancy tests can be a costly purchase. However, when it comes to finding a free pregnancy test there are plenty of options. A woman has more time to make decisions and plans for her future and the future of her baby the sooner a pregnancy is confirmed.

Free pregnancy tests for women are offered all over the United States at clinics. Free counseling and resources for a woman who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy is also offered at many of the clinics and centers. A woman should wait until the time that her menstrual period is due before coming in for a free pregnancy test or a day or two later so the accuracy of the test can be ensured.

Due to the hormone that is detected during the test the reason is important. Right after an embryo beings implanting into the uterine lining HCG is a hormone that is released. Through blood or urine tests this hormone can be detected and after it is released in multiplies in quantity. After ovulation, implantation typically occurs six to twelve days later and you should wait at least two or three weeks after ovulation to perform the test.

Other Types of Free Pregnancy Tests

Before making the call to a clinic to confirm the pregnancy through a urine or blood test, some websites offer a free online pregnancy test for a woman. These online tests typically have a series of questions that begin with how long monthly cycles usually run and when the date of the last period was.

Symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and weight gain or loss will be checked off a list on these tests. Other potential reasons for these symptoms will be questioned, including if a woman has more stress than usual. It may also ask about which birth control methods were used at the time of conception.

Beginning with the series of online free pregnancy tests a woman can get a better idea of whether they will benefit by making an appointment with their doctor or a pregnancy clinic to receive a urine test despite their less than accurate record.

It is important that you find out as soon as possible whether or not a pregnancy is indeed reality. Through the use of a free pregnancy test, the sooner a pregnancy is confirmed the sooner the expectant mother can begin to make plans for her and her baby.


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