Jan 292017

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Love is a powerful force. It is such a powerful energy that it even protects us from the wiles of the dark force we call Satan. Many of us have been taught to fear Satan and an illusive place we call Hell. Is there really such a place, or is it just a state of mind, or a figment of our imagination? In any case, many of us appear to be controlled by fear of being sent there. Many of us have been taught that if we don’t do as some of our religious leaders say, we put ourselves in danger of going to this place called Hell.
There appear to be powerful people in our world today who want to control the masses. Apparently they are an elite group who believe they are way “above” the common folk.
But how can they control the masses? Two possible choices appear to be by the sword, or through fear. It seems they have chosen fear. It seems the masses today are very much controlled by fear.
However, we can choose to be set free of this control by choosing to live with love as our focus instead of fear. We can rely on our heavenly Father for all things when we choose to live unconditional love, and thereby eliminate fear from our hearts and minds.
What a wonderful effect this choice has on our liives. Choosing to live in love energy and generating this energy to all our family and friends around us helps change the entire world. We no longer need to live in a fear based society. When we begin to totally rely on Creator and trust Him, we begin to realize there is really nothing to be afraid of. As Jesus taught, it is by loving Creator, ourselves, and others as ourselves, that we gain eternal life in the presence of our heavenly Father, and that is where Jesus will be also. Let’s go for it and release all fear. Love can set us free!

FREE shipping on all orders over $99 – TeamExpress.com SHOP NOW!

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