Feb 272017

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Just thought it’d be fun to report on a recent multimedia setup we put together for a newly renovated home in Melbourne’s inner suburbs…
We were brought in quite late, after all cabling had been laid by the electricians. Unfortunately in planning the wiring, all data ports were put in where phones were to be placed and close to where internet would be used. As the house retained it’s old double brick shell, it was thought it would be hard to get a wireless network happening. How wrong they were.
We were called in to get the house online with a multimedia system. A large database of movies had been collected by the kids, but at present was all stored on computers.
It was decided that, using 4 x Apple Airport Express units, we would first turn the house wireless. This would enable everyone to access the internet on their laptops from anywhere on the property (including outside by the pool). In addition, it would allow us to use some Network Media Players as receivers by each TV. The TVs we also sourced for them were 4 x LG 32″ models as well as 2 x brand new Samsung LED screens (That’s right, we can source many other home entertainment products outside those listed on the site… just ask!).
We decided to install 6 x Popcorn Hour A-110 Network Media Tanks into the various bedrooms and living areas. This would allow them to access movies stored on different computers around their home. These were all fitted with a Wireless N USB Adapter Dongle from TP-Link, to access the wireless network of course. Potentially we could be called back to add another one to a study area and a further one to an outdoor gym area.
Finally, for centralised storage purposes, we set up a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo with 2 x 1.5TB Seagate Hard Drives installed. This gives the family the ability to drop all their multimedia files from their laptops onto a central device, freeing up space on the computer and giving access to a greater array of multimedia for other family members.
The initial tutorial that we gave them was met with many ooh’s and aahh’s as they seemed quite amazed by what was possible, and indeed what we had done for them. We’re quite sure they will be calling us for a helping hand as they get used to their new home entertainment network, and we’re equally as confident that they will grow to love it more and more each day.
The scope of this technology continues to amaze us.
Now, its’ off to go set up something like this in my home!
Cheers, Myles.

Save $4 on Kids Eat Free Orlando Card!

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