Apr 202017

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If you’re like most website owners/webmasters, getting any kind of traffic at all to your website is a blessing. Getting the kind of traffic you want is a Herculean-size task, which you have to struggle just to reach their destination. Whether it’s a webstore or a website that is promoting a service, you need a certain amount of traffic to make sales and accomplish goals. Without them, you can’t make any money.
How do you get people to browse your website, without paying a dime in advertisement? The answer to this is easier than you think. Below, you will see how you can use your writing skills to get more traffic for your website. Here we go:
1. Write medium length (400-500 word), SEO-based articles and submit them to major article directories. This is a sure way of getting people to your website – through a well-written article on your website. The key to using articles to do this is to use keywords that are popular and is rich. For example, if you’re writing an article on how to earn extra money from home, use keywords like financial, freedom, work at home, and work from home. Those are very popular in the search engines and will cause it to rank high in the search engines. A 400-500 word piece is best, when writing them – and don’t forget to use backlinks that direct people to your site.
2. Use high ranking sites to build pages. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, you would write free, SEO-oriented articles, and send submit them on free sites like Squidoo.com, or Humblepages.com. These sites have an average PR ranking of 7 or 8 – which is very high – and in turn, allow your submissions to gain more exposure than article submission sites like ArticleCat or ArticleCity.
3. Making/submitting videos on YouTube. Another good method to use to generate free traffic to your website is making videos and placing them on YouTube. Make the video(s) (length don’t matter) about your website and tell people why they should go there. Doing this can generate a lot of free traffic to your website. It’s easy, fun, and drive people to your desired destination.
4. Write blogs on top social bookmarking sites and sharing it with others. You can write these blogs on your MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, or Digg page – or any other of the top social bookmarking sites available. To make the process real simple, create RSS feeds for your blogs, so your subscribers can keep on top of any new blogs you post.

TOLL FREE support 24/7 – NOW only $3.95/mo

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