May 052017

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“Click Here Now. Over 20% of people smoke worldwide (source: WHO) and health education despite massive increases in cigarette consumption, especially among young people is growing fast.
Legal regulations restrict smoking in public places such as airports, train stations and restaurants throughout Europe. There are more and more smoking areas and the smoker has to stay outside.
The tobacco tax and cigarette prices are constantly increasing.
With Smoke Free Smoking now have the chance to smoke and withdrawal symptoms without significantly polluting more. Free with Smoke, the electronic cigarette and cigar smoking, you can also zones and without social exclusion continue to smoke in any place.
The Smoke Free cigarette and cigar smoking only to supply the nicotine and tobacco-a chosen flavor. In the conventional tobacco smoke inhaled by smokers pollutants, such as the highly carcinogenic tar, and carcinogenic compounds such as arsenic, Benzapyren, chrysene, cadmium, formaldehyde or hydrazine, which you will not find all of the Smoke Free products.
No smoke combustion process where you want to
During smoking of tobacco and the resulting combustion process are released over 4,000 substances inhaled by the smoker. Of these, 78 are pollutants such as tar or arsenic, highly carcinogenic. The Smoke Free products simulate the combustion process by brief warming of the atomized nicotine liquid before inhalation. This applies to the smoking no smoking areas and the more highly toxic substances are not inhaled.
Whether on the plane, at work in the office or in restaurants and bars, smoke free Smoke everywhere, and even within smoking zones and planes.
There are four different nicotine strengths available: Stark (18 mg), medium (15 mg), light (11 mg) and without nicotine (0 mg)
Prospective Non smoking gradually reduce the nicotine needs by strong, medium and light up without nicotine.
A nicotine depot is about the amount of 1.5 – 2 conventional cigarette, and is therefore cheaper by 75% than normal smoking.
There are only fed natural nicotine and tobacco, and natural flavors!
Advantages of an electronic cigarette compared to a conventional one.
No yellow teeth in electrical smoking.
No bad breath when smoking.
No more smelly clothes, smoke-filled rooms and yellowed walls.
No burns, ash residue and burn marks more.
Free Smoke contains only natural flavors and nicotine.
No harassment of other people by smelling smoke.
Smoke everywhere, even in the smoking prohibition zone.
Substantial saving money.
Smoking poses serious health risks known manner. Cancer-causing pollutants such as carbon monoxide, tar, hydrogen cyanide and hundreds of other toxins destroy slowly and painfully human body. But now you can breathe easier. Thanks to the new trend of product from China, these disadvantages are substantially reduced or eliminated. Do you smoke now, the feeling healthy, with no toxins, yellow fingers / teeth and stinking ashtray! For the family and the direct environment is no longer a threat, mitzurauchen passive!

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