Aug 212017

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Are you looking for something to do in the sprawling city of London that won’t cost a penny? The capital of England is well-endowed with museums that embrace a wide range of subjects and many have one thing in common – they cost nothing to get into.
Even better, the museums are great for kids, giving lots of opportunities to touch as well as to look and offering a range of structured activities such as themed trails.
Here’s a list of a few museums you can get into for free and which should provide several days of entertainment and education:
The British Museum – thousands of years of human history are squeezed into room after room at this world-famous institution. The dramatic hall of Egyptian sculpture is not to be missed, and because most children love the macabre they be pleased to meet the long-dead Egyptians ‘Bones’ and ‘Ginger’.
The Natural History Museum – the dinosaur exhibition is always popular, but be prepared to wait because there’s almost always a queue. Kids enjoy the creepy-crawly display and gaze in awe at the life-sized blue whale hanging from the ceiling.
The Science Museum – this museum has plenty of buttons to push and screens to looks at, along with a huge range of machines, some very old. The first true railway locomotive, Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’, stands proudly on display. The basement houses plenty of hands-on activities to keep the kids busy all day.
Victoria & Albert Museum – a showcase of art and design from around the world. It might not appeal to kids but is a great place to savour the best of world culture. Save some for another time – there’s just too much to take in on one day.
Museum of Childhood at Bethnal Green – part of the V&A which focuses on kids and will have plenty to keep them occupied.
Museum of London – the story of the great city is laid out, from prehistoric times right through to medieval squalor, the Great Fire of 1666, and the German bombings in World War Two.

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