Sep 222017

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Facebooks Emoticons are small, catchy little icons/images which can be implemented in chat conversations and Facebook statuses. There are basic emoticons and more fancy and shiny emoticons which need to be downloaded first. More advanced emoticons are animated and are much more “alive” than basic ones. When you download new facebooks emoticons they will pop up automatically on your Facebook.
Basic Facebooks emoticons can only be used in the chat, and they are used by writing Facebooks emoticon shortcut into the chat box. When you write the shortcut and hit Enter your shortcut will turn into the emoticon and your chat partner will see the emoticon the way you intended for him/here to see the Facebooks emoticons.
New Facebooks emoticons don’t have to be entered using any kind of code into the chat box, so you will not have to remember any codes. Wemoticon you would like to send to your friend and your new Facebooks emoticons will bhen you install the application with new Facebooks emoticons a new function will open up in Facebook – a box with the list of clickable emoticons. Now all you have to do is click the e sent. And not only that, you will be able to use 100’s of new Facebooks emoticons in your status. And it gets even better – you will be able to send animated winks (funny animations) to your friends and loved ones.
Facebooks Emoticons are the little images that we are so to used in Facebooks chat that let you reflect your mood or emotion with images. To to use them in Facebook you need to type in a snippet of text that prompts facebook to display an image. Below you will see the entire collection of Facebooks Emoticons that are available by default. Facebook uses several variations to display the different emoticons so feel free to experiment with all the different emoticons in the comments below!

Up to 40% Off on Travel & Outdoors with free shipping and No Tax!!!

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