Oct 022017

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If you are going to be dating a lot of women, then going on a lot of traditional dates may hurt your wallet. In most people’s cases, it will. If it doesn’t well then you could have a lot more money in it that you could use on you. There is a difference between being cheap and being smart. I do not spend a lot of money on women. Many men will go out with a girl, buy her a lot of drinks. Run up there credit cards, trying to buy there attention. They seem to think that by spending a lot of money on a girl that they will buy there attention and affection. The truth of the reality is, it does the exact opposite. More often then not, it puts unnecessary pressure on both parties and will more likely lead you to failure than to the amount of success that you could be having.
Instead of doing the conventional dates. Try being creative and doing something new. If it is a first date especially. Instead, try taking her to a state park. Somewhere of interest. Think of a place that she probably never has been, something she probably has never done or at least hasn’t done in a long while. This will set you apart from all of the other guys because you are unique, diffrent, creative, and just the excitement she was looking for to snap her out of her own boring lifestyle.
A park is a great place to start. There are many things to do in a local park. Great places to take her hiking, sites to see. Depending on your location, you can take her to caves, rock climbing, or just a great place to go and hang out. (Not to mention it’s free!) That’s our little secret.
Meeting up somewhere is another idea. I’ve even picked gas stations, or just about anywhere, and go on a walk with them. It’s not the activity that you are doing, it’s what you make of it. It lets you spit your game, and interact with her. Opportunities to flirt too, “Hey, that looks like it would hurt” (push her into it). Along with the it doesn’t matter where you take her it’s what you do concept. I have met up with girls, from online at Wal-Mart of all places. Walked around in a department store, and made out with them in a back isle somewhere. Again, it’s all what you make of things. Life is, what you make of it.
Bike rides, it’s not something you do everyday, plus they are a lot of fun. Also keeps her in shape too. The main idea, is to do things out of the norm so it creates memories. Those memories will create a bond. Anytime that you do anything with someone, that creates a surplus in emotions, an emotional connection is made. Often referred to as Emotional Overflow Connection.
If you are a redneck, you might consider taking her 4 wheeling with you. Or go off roading with her. If she has never been than it will be an even better experience! It is something that she can go back and brag to her friends about how awesome you are! Make her friends jealous. Girls love to brag to there friends, to raise there own social value with in there social circle.
You can take them swimming as well. This is great for many reasons, you get to see them in a bikini, get a very good idea for what they’d look like naked with you. I prefer and would recommend taking them somewhere that is less public. More secluded, so it is just the two of you going swimming. This might now be possible for all of you reading this if you live in the city. For those that live in the rural areas and country side, you know where to go. Be creative! Going to the normal beach will do fine as well.
The point is that it doesn’t matter where you go, it’s what you do with where you are. How the two of you interact, how you flirt. The ideas that where listed above are great because it gives you a chance to talk to her, tease her, touch her. ect. If you think about it, taking her 4 wheeling, she is on the back, holding on while you rip through the trails, she’s holding onto you, and getting very comfortable with being close to you. The possibilities are endless. The important thing is to take her and do things with her that you like to do. It’s a great way to see if you can spend time with her, if you where interested in her for a relationship later on.
As an added tip, I recommend that you make a list somewhere on your computer or where ever is accessible to you, of all the great things you can do in your local area, if you are out of ideas. If you can’t think of anything to do, go look at the list for things you’ve done in the past, or things that you would like to go do. Pick one, and you are on your way! Doing this, you will never run out of fun and creative things to do. Everyday will be a new adventure.
If you want to date multiple women with out breaking the bank these are some ideas you might want to look into. They save you money, and put you farther ahead of the game, than any dude who takes there girl to the same old dinner and a movie.
-Big Q-
This article was first published on the Seduction University forums.

Up to 40% Off on Seat Cover – Sports Fan Shop with free shipping and No Tax!!!

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