Oct 202017

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In these uncertain economic times, everyone I talk to is either trying to hold their position in their current job, or have already lost their job. Unfortunately for most people, a job is the only means of support that they consider.Sadly, we (and I include myself) have all been programed by the very system that we support, to be locked into a “job” mentality. Did I mention that “JOB” is an acronym for some as “Journey Of the Broke” or others as “Just Over Broke”? Take your pick.
I want to let you know right now that I have been liberated from the “job” mentality, and you can be as well. I must tell you that it is not easy to break free, but it is possible. You should consider that, in some respects, breaking free of your “job” mentality is no more difficult than the struggle you endure every day, now, to hold onto your current job, or find another one in this economy.
There are myriad avenues for earning a very respectful income, to those who have been liberated from a “job” mentality. It all boils down to Free Enterprise. The whole American economy is built on Free Enterprise, but we have been corrupted to think that the only way to earn income is to work a job. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing inherently wrong with working for someone else. It all depends upon the relationship between employer and employee; and the contract or terms of employment.
For many working people today, both the relationship between employer and employee, and the terms of employment, only insure the subordination of the employee to the employer. A systematic programming makes sure that few if any will ever break free to control their own destiny. You will work for forty years or more for someone else or many someone else’s. During that time you will be trading hours for dollars, and you will belong to them. They determine when you get out of bed, when you go to bed, and when you eat. Many times they determine what you eat. They determine what days you work, and what days you have “freedom”(??). Employers’ influence you and your family’s interactions and futures.
Some employers have attempted to appear benevolent to their workers. Fifty or sixty years ago, more employers appeared to be more sincere in their caring attitudes towards their employees. As America’s place in a shifting ,more globally diverse economy has been drastically altered, employers are, for the most part, indifferent to the condition or status of their workers. Today many American workers have been thrown away; or to use common cliches, they have been “thrown under the bus”. Especially those who gave their hearts and souls to the CORPORATION. Many workers today are just part of the machine. You work, to fund the lifestyles of the rich and famous. With the onset of age, you are pushed aside and almost totally forgotten about, until you expire; you die. You leave behind another group of people to go through the same routine, again and again. Your children, and your children’s children are only part of the American economic machine, with its replaceable parts.
To break free of this madness requires a change of mind, a change of self image. You must come to believe that you can be your own “boss”, and you can. No one can do this for you, but others can show you the way. Others can coach you, teach you how to make a break to more freedom. To make the break, you must first understand how you have been programmed. You must come to understand the dynamics of the the systematic program that has made you just so much cannon fodder for those you work for. The life freeing information is easily obtained, but you cannot be lazy about gaining your and your family’s freedom.
Let me ask you, are you free today, or are you rationalizing your freedom? Did you know that rationalizing is simply telling yourself rational lies (that thought is from the late Dr. Maxwell Maltz in his book Psycho-Cybernetics)? I could go on and on, but this is enough to chew on for now.

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