Nov 172017

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A little history…
Free giftcards have been available on the Internet for years now. In the beginning the rewards were mainly laptops & PC hardware and the program requirements to get those rewards were often pretty ridiculous. As the US government has become more aware of the scams and dirty practices of a variety of websites the free gift card programs have adapted.
Today the requirements are in writing and up front. The offers in the program requirements are often less than I would expect for gift cards as large as $1000. And the government is better able to punish any remaining wrong doers.
How do the Free Walmart Gift Card Offers Rate?
Today there are many Free Walmart Gift Card offers on the web. All of the Walmart offers that I’ve seen are cousins to the 2 offers I’ve rated/reviewed. (If you’d like to examine them yourself you will need to provide an email address at each offer. The offer sponsors will send you email so if you have an address you use to sign up for websites use that one and not the email address you use for friends and family.)
The $1000 Walmart Card is rated at 4 stars out of 5. While the $500 Walmart Card gets 5 stars out of 5. This is my own personal rating from an algorithm I developed using trend analysis techniques typically used in science, engineering, and economics. About 70% of the offers have a rating of 3 stars. Anything above 3 stars is extraordinary, anything below is probably not worth pursuing.
The rating system uses an algorithm to compare the offer value to number of Silver, Gold, and Platinum level requirements. Most offers get 3 stars because they are at or near average. The offers which are well above average get 4 stars and the offers that get 5 stars are truly outstanding. Likewise an offer with 2 stars or even 1 is an offer that probably isn’t worth pursuing.
The free Walmart gift card offers ($500 & $1000) are exceptional. The average free giftcard offer right now is pretty good and the program requirements, while tedious, are not terribly difficult or expensive to meet.
Both Walmart giftcard offers have benefitted from a lot of visitors to their website. I am not aware of a single complaint against either. That said, completing these gift card programs requirements can be a little tricky if you would like to know more please visit my website.
None are without program requirements
There are a lot of free gift card programs out there today. None are without program requirements. So the goal is to find those free gift cards where the program requirements are relatively minimal while cashing in on the largest gift card value.

Up to 40% Off on Arms & Ammunition – Hunting & Fishing with free shipping and No Tax!!!

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