Dec 082017

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A young good friend of mine has been informed that her agreement is not being renewed. She had lost her job. I felt really terrible about that and wondered just what I can do to help her out.
I was traveling home from the Las Vegas Money Show on May 15th and I read a great write-up in the Wall Street Journal, pg. W3, entitled, “A Lament for the Class of 2010.” That pertain the storyline of a young man who went to an Ivy League college, graduated, but is now living at home along with his parents and is now performing “as an intern at a street fair on the Lower East Side of New York City.”
The article moves on to say, “Over the upcoming few weeks, hundreds of thousands of Millennials is going to graduate from institutions of higher learning. They will certainly celebrate for several days, perhaps a number of weeks. After that they will enter into a labor force that neither wants nor needs them. They will enter an economic system where nearly 17% of persons aged 20 through 24 do not really have a job, and where two million college graduates are without a job. They will go into a world where they will compete tooth and nail for work opportunities as waitresses, pizza delivery men, file clerks, bouncers, trainee busboys, assistant baristas, and interns at bodegas.” Think about, spending over $200,000 on an Ivy League education and then operating at a job where you’re rivaling with high school dropouts.
This post rang a bell with me mainly because I had talked to a number of clients at the Money Show who will not be going to let their children or grand children want for being self sufficient. They’re educating them how in order to make revenue in the stock market. The primary objective, of course, is actually to make life simpler and easier for mom and dad through building a fund in order to support pay for college, however these people are also teaching their loved ones to become financially self-sufficient. And this brings me back to my young friend who just lost her job. Wouldn’t it be good if she learned how to generate money in the stock market and did not have to depend upon a job as a single source of revenue? Of course it could! Now I am going to invite her to be my guest at the next VectorVest Clinic given here in the Akron-Cleveland area.
However why end there? Why not allow a person to bring in a guest, someone who is not really or ever has been a subscriber to VectorVest, to one of our One Day Investment Clinics free of charge? They’d learn more about making money in stocks in one day than they would had they read all the investing books sold on So what’s in it for you? If you’re bringing a “stay at home college grad,” it could save you a lot of money. If you’re bringing a neighbor, an old friend, or anybody else who is not or ever was a subscriber to VectorVest, we want you to get more than just the satisfaction of doing him/her a favor. We’re going to give you a $29.00 Savings Certificate which you could apply toward the purchase of any VectorVest Product or Service.
What could possibly be more effective than that? Come to the Clinic. Learn a lot of good stuff. Enjoy Yourself and Bring a Friend Free.
Does it pay to go with the flow? I would have to say yes because that’s what we do. But the market gave us a head fake in mid-June that would have done LeBron James proud. Thanks to our Market Timing System we weren’t totally faked out. I called the mid-June reversal a “Tentative Bottom” in my June 11th essay and let the Color Guard be our guide. Yes, it was possible to make money over the last few weeks and Mr. Dan Misch, one of our best instructors, will show us how easy it was to do. So visit the VectorVest University to see this week’s excellent “Strategy of the Week” presentation: “Surviving the Tentative Bottom.”
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Up to 40% Off on DJ, Electronic Music & Karaoke with free shipping and No Tax!!!

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