Jan 152018

Up to 40% Off on Skin Care and Makeup product with Free Shipping!!! So heres the scenario: Verizon just announced that they will be offering the heralded Apple iPhone on their network. This is huge 4 years in the making huge – and signifies all of your dreams coming true. The thing is you just bought a new phone and arent up for the subsidized price of the iPhone so youre looking at shelling out either $650 for the 16GB version or $750 for the 32GB version. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that, but one things for sure: getting a free Verizon iPhone would be amazing. Is it possible? You bet! Heres how to win a free Verizon iPhone:
I did some searching around the internet and came up with a few surprising results. There are actually quite a few companies running Free Verizon iPhone Sweepstakes and contests. All you have to do is enter your name, provide a few brief contact details and youre good to go. Keep your fingers crossed and with a little luck you could win a free Verizon iPhone.
If contests arent your thing or you dont want to run the risk of not winning and being left empty handed you can also use your current cell phone as cash towards that shiny new Verizon iPhone you want. Actually any phone you have is worth money. I went to www.BuyBackWorld.com and sold my Droid Pro for $275, much more than Verizon was going to offer me on a trade in value. I then took that money and put it towards my new iPhone cost so instead of paying $650, my iPhone cost $375 ($650-$275); still a lot of money, but certainly a lot better than paying the full retail price.
Finally, already have an iPhone 4, but youre on AT&T? Dont worry, thats even better! Switching to Verizon? Sell back your AT&T iPhone at BuyBackWorld for up to $450! Payout depends on the model and condition of the phone, but any amount of money can easily be applied to offset a significant portion of a Verizon iPhone or the AT&T early termination fee (ETF). BuyBackWorld scrubs all devices clean to Department of Defense standards and issues prompt payment.
Those are my top three ways to get the new Verizon iPhone for free – how will you get your Verizon iPhone?

Up to 40% Off on Skin Care and Makeup product with Free Shipping!!!

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