Feb 082018

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We quite often need to remember chunks of text – perhaps we have to give a speech or are revising for a test. This can be a big challenge for many people, especially if you feel under pressure about the situation you have to do this for. However it is possible to learn to memorise text quickly and easily.
First you need to familiarize yourself with the text by reading it through – BUT – you have to do this as if you are reading it to someone else rather than reading it over quickly to yourself.
As you read it out to your imaginary friend think of questions you have about the bits you don’t understand so well. Write those questions down
Give yourself an instruction to remember certain parts of the information by telling yourself to do this and writing down a brief note of the part you are committing to memory.
Once you have become familiar with the text condense the notes you have made into one word phrases so that one word contains a lot of information. What is the key word for that ‘bunch’ of information? List these keywords.
Next take each word and form a vivid picture of each one
Lastly form those pictures into a story you will be able to run through in your mind quickly. Make it a short story and preferably a silly one too. So ludicrous that you will easily recall it because it makes you laugh. Remember too to put plenty of strong action in it which will make it dynamic in your brain and much easier to replay.
Another alternative is to do all of that up to the point of having keywords for your chunks of information and then peg these keywords to your Room List. Then a quick run through your Room List will immediately reactivate the keywords and they will quickly reactivate all the chunked information you are memorising. Then – voila! Job done.
Finally to help your short term memory here is a strange tip for you to do. Watch cartoons! Yep – that’s right. Sit down and get your fill of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Spend at least half an hour watching them and as you do this you will be super charging your imagination. As you know imagination is one of the key principles of memory improvement and things like seeing the silliness and exaggerated situations in cartoons will open the doors of your imagination and show you how you can turn situations into colourful, active, memorable pictures. Have fun!

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