Feb 102018

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So, this panel demand much time and efforts to be installed. In 5 cases out of 10 I was unlucky. I managed to install it only under Debian. It appears, that the developers made all those difficulties for purpose: to order the only paid service on their site: panel installation on your host. The rest is OK. The panel is very convenient, fulfils the task well. But! The panel is highly specialised. To alter in it something meas to go mad. It is very standard and can be used only for resellers creation, user profiles creating, editing of domains, etc. Forget about any hand-held editing of configs. The client interface is not less convenient and standard than the admin. panel: the same beautiful buttons, but of no use.
In short, do not waste your time, I think you will give up it in 20 min after you start with it.
Installation is nonflexible enough: you should have those «demons» which are supported, and they are not of a big amount. Though it id not a problem: the developers promised to correct all in new versions. In the rest installation is simple.
The panel gives a very good impression. Certainly, it not such flexible as desired, but all the same it is functional enough. The interface as well as for the administrator, and for users with resellers is pleasant enough and convenient. With all versions ASPLinux works like clock-work. This panel could be recommended to the people who wish to be engaged in a hosting on a commercial basis and demand stable and qualitative solution.
The installer is absent. There is only a very poor manual on a site. System requirements in general terrific: it is necessary to put so many PHP units that this will take 2-3 days to be compiled. Also php-calendar unit is used which is notorious for its multifunction and instability. The interface is terrible, the panel is very inconvenient. Though, we should not be so demanding, the version is in the process of developing.
4. Cube Panel Lite
This is a free version of Cube panel. Though it resembles a demo version more. The installer is something, it is a .shar package. Design is quite good. The panel is very limited. It demands a lot of additional packages. This panel can service to 20 domains, if you want more you should buy the complete version.
5.GNU Hosting Panel
This is a complete complex for a hoster. The design is a little Gothic, but it is easy to correct. It is possible to build up a very serious service on this system basis. I liked its modular construction very much. You select what is necessary for you. But the panel again needs much developing.
6.WebMin + VirtualMin (VirtualMin)
Perhaps, this is the best solution. There is installation of two sorts: either rpm package or the installer from .tar.gz archive. The panel is magnificent in all aspects: it is easy for using, very flexible, the interface is pleasant, the quantity of customizations amazes. Thanks to WebMin it is possible to customize everything. With the help of VirtualMin unit, WebMin turns to the universal panel for hosting handling. For the user this panel is the paradise. The user can even control files by means of the built in file-manager. There is a web interface for mail, MySQL editor of databases. It is really difficult to find something better.

Up to 40% Off on Sanitaryware – Bathroom Furniture with free shipping and No Tax!!!

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