May 252018

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Neuro-nutrition gives us the answers.
This series of articles brings you right up to date with the ways to help your brain, boost your memory and avoid serious disintegration of the brain systems through diseases like Alzheimer’s. In this article we will look at a free source of memory power and discover that our old friends the Vitamins hold some turbo-charging characteristics.
Vitamin B6 is the best
Without this vitamin we suffer some very familiar ills. Being irritable, confused, tired out, depressed and unable to concentrate are all symptoms which can point to a deficiency in this nutrient. It also plays a big part in supporting the memory processes. Vitamin B6 is necessary to make the neurotransmitters such as serotonin (brings about a calm/OK feeling, dopamine (gives us an uplift) and adrenaline (energy boost). Without enough Vitamin B6 to help the serotonin to synthesize we can really drop down in mood so far we will become very depressed.
The older you get the more you need it. People in their seventies were given 20mg of Vit B6/day and they improved in every type of memory functioning; short term, long term and speed of retention. Interestingly middle aged people did even better on it and showed very marked signs of improvement in all their mental processes, including feeling better about themselves.
How much of it is good for you?
More than 50 milligrams/day and less than 200mg/day seem to work best though you always take advice from naturopaths or your doctor.
Where can you easily get it from?
Fruit and green vegetables are a good source and that fits really well with the ‘new’ Stone Age diet you should be eating if you really want to look after your brain.
Supplements in the form of tablets can be very helpful as they are easier for the stomach to digest as we get older. So if you want a boost eat more greens and also take some supplements. You should notice the difference to your mood and memory quite quickly.

Only $4.93 For Loskii DC-001 Digital Temperature Humidity Alarm Clocks

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