Oct 222018

FREE Downloadable Real Estate Career Guide! There are several free computer tweaks that often help your system perform faster and respond better. While some of them maybe quite complicated, others a quite simple, and an amateur can do them too.There are many apps that are available that allow you to make free computer tweaks. You can speed up your PC with a bit of tweaking to improve its performance. The slowing down of your PC’s functioning could be due to cluttering of the hard disk or because the graphics card you are using is outdated. Just like a car, the computer needs a bit of care to maximize its performance.
Excess software programs can hog resources and cause your computer to run slower. Go through the Add / Remove programs feature in the Control Panel and remove any software programs that you don’t need or never use. Some of these programs will want to load when you boot up your computer, causing your computer to take forever to boot up. If you want to keep a software program but don’t want it to load when you start your computer, you can exclude it from the Startup queue. Malware and spyware can run in the background and hog resources without you even being aware of it. You’ll have to run a program to detect and remove any malware or viruses.
Not all updates disturb your settings or programs. Some updates are good free computer tweaks and they can actually improve the performance of your computer. You can shut off certain applications that are running in the background such as Word or Photoshop. You can check at the bottom right hand corner on your screen to see programs that could be running, even though it may not be doing a particular task in the background.
Once you have tried some of these free computer tweaks, you can enjoy using a fast and responsive system.

FREE Downloadable Real Estate Career Guide!

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