Mar 192019

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A blood glucose meter is the one tool that a diabetes patient has to really see if they are blood glucose level is ideal. The normal range before meals should be between 80 to 120. If you use it two hours after a meal your levels should be between 80 and 140, which is the same levels it should be just before bed too.
They are not going to be eating for about eight hours during their sleep so the blood glucose should be at the right levels before they fall asleep. If you are on insulin you should be testing your blood sugar about three times a day. Each person has different test times, it is usually before meals and just before bed.
When you test more frequently you will be able to get a better idea of your blood sugar levels throughout the day. The new blood glucose meters now take smaller amounts of blood than the older meters used to. What that means for you is that you can prick yourself a little less hard, in order to get the blood you need to carry out the test.
The actual process is very simple and it is dead easy to do. You need a blood glucose meter, test strips and a thumb prick pen. Take your test strip and place it face up inside your meter. The first thing you will see is a check number, then the meter will tell you to put a drop of blood on the strip.
Place the meter down flat on the table and then use the prick pen to get a small drop of blood. Put the drop of blood on the designated area on the test strip. It takes about ten seconds to get your reading. That is all there is when it comes to using this meter to monitor your sugar levels.
It is very important that you try to control your diabetes early. It makes it easier to control it in the long term. Keeping an eye on your glucose levels will affect your treatment. If your sugar levels stay low you can reduce the chances of other complications that are associated with diabetes.

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