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If you have a computer you have probably been on the internet a few times. If so I guess you have heard about paid surveys. Right? If you are looking opportunities of making money online, one of the first things people get to know is online paid surveys and how they are able to make money with them. For us who have been on the internet for a while, this is well known. Many people have heard about paid surveys, but they actually don’t know much about they work but still be wondering how to utilize them for making money. This article is for these people and if you are one of them keep on reading – it might be profitable for you.

Below I have listed the most common questions regarding paid surveys and I have also written answers to those questions based on my own experience as a user of this method. The purpose is to help you gain better understanding about the online paid survey process.

What is an online survey?

Online surveys provide a way by which data about people, services or products are gathered through internet. This way to describe it is pretty good if you want to get an idea what to expect from such a survey. Each survey contain a number of questions on a particular topic. To give you an example, it can be a product satisfaction survey which may consist of various questions designed to get your opinion about different characteristics of the product – if you find it helpful, if it is costly for you or if it has a decent price, how frequently you would buy it, etc.

Who needs such surveys?

Surveys are a typical market research tool. They are the preferred method of many marketing companies to assemble and filter consumers’ opinion that help them improve their marketing activities.

Why marketing companies are paying consumers for their opinions

In fact, many people would be happy to complete a survey for free. Today we are surrounded with people who want our opinion; in our mail boxes, on our phone and on our doorsteps. Many people are tiered of this and won’t bother or will even give cheeky answers. If you are paid for your opinion, you are more likely to increase your engagement and give answers that are in harmony with what you really mean. When you are paid you have the necessary motivation to answer it and if you utilize this option from several companies you can earn extra money using paid surveys. That is why many – especially home mothers and fathers and other people with much leisure time – are attracted towards it. The expense represented by the payout is reasonable for the surveying marketing company – the data is vital for planning their activities thus saving a fortune on possible wrong marketing campaigns.

How can I start receiving online paid surveys and start to make money?

To enter the world of this opportunity to earn extra cash you just need to join some online paid survey programs. As soon as your registration, you will start receiving surveys. The frequency at which you get surveys will depend on your profile and on the survey company type as well as how many survey companies you have signed up for.

How much will I be earning?

The payment varies from each survey which means that each of them will bring you different amount of money. It will vary with the company as well as with the type of survey you answer. Some of them may bring you just $3 while other can add up to $50 and even more to your monthly balance. The total earnings each month depend on the kind of surveys you will be completing and their amount. The amount of surveys you get from one company is difficult to predict so you better do not depend on this income. What you can do though, is to join as many companies as possible. The more companies you the more income your are likely to receive.

How will I get paid?

Each individual company or site has a different payment method. The most common payment options are:

payment with cheque,

payment via Pal Pay (this requires a Paypal account which is free and very easy to get)

payment to your credit card.

Make sure that you have checked the method of payment that you need before taking up the surveys. This will keep you away for a nasty surprise.

Are there some scams I should watch out for?

As with most other online stuff, it is better to watch and be careful to whom you are disclosing your data. Unfortunately there are many more fake sites than the genuine ones and no wonder that you come across the fake ones in the first page of your search engine. If you take this seriously and treat it as a genuine income opportunity, it is mandatory to read the contracts, terms and conditions related to those sites. This will give you a fairly clear idea of how they operate or at least how you might lose your money! Serious paid survey companies will have their contact numbers and address displayed in their website. If this information is lacking you should think twice before investing.

The best advice I can give you is to check out what other people are saying about the company in discussion forums and other media and publications which can give you an idea about that company, for example by doing a search with the company or website name plus “review” or “testimonial”.

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