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The best ever baby gift to give at Christmas is your love, plenty of sloppy kisses and warm cuddles, however in saying that – some babies would disagree where they would much prefer coloured wrapping paper covering a toy that rattles, makes a noise or plays a happy tune. Unfortunately at this happy time there is sadness where a child may have been orphaned, abused and neglected – so aside from wanting to give our child the best ever baby gift, let us say a prayer for those who may never receive a gift as such or be around to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas, even though a season of goodwill gestures and festivity can also be a time where some folk find themselves faced with financial dilemmas trying to make ends meet – thus causing unnecessary worry. Remember those sloppy kisses and cuddles do mean a lot, so no matter how small the gift given to your baby will always be welcomed with open arms as long as love is there. If the atmosphere is filled with happiness and excitement, then this time is even more enjoyable. Christmas could lose its magic if the grandparents are not in attendance at the grand opening – who in fact can become more excited than that of the baby.

Remember the more colour the more excited the baby. The best ever baby gift that is most common for new born babies are cuddly toys – more so the teddy bear. Others include – musical mobiles, baby rattles or items of baby clothing which comes in handy if you are on a tight budget. Why not consider making your own baby gifts, just remember – for young babies it is all about colour. Now if we are talking toddler size to give the best ever baby gift too, then we now have a child that takes note of what is inside the christmas wrapping paper. Popular gifts among parents today is to give their children educational toys, i.e. counting frames, alphabetical building blocks, reading books etc. The options are endless as to what is classed as the best ever baby gift. Baby presents can be made extra special if you personalize them – and even more special if the best ever baby gift was obtained for free. More details on free stuff for babies below.

Young children normally have a favorite disney character they love, so toys emblazoned with Winnie the Pooh – Mickey Mouse or Donald duck will go down well. Give the nursery a make over with cartoon characters painted on the walls. This is a fabulous money saving idea for christmas because the infant will love their magical kingdom (nursery) thus encouraging them to look forward to bedtime. Save on story books, if you have enough cartoon characters airbrushed onto the walls you can make up bedtime tales about each one. As the baby lapses into a deep slumber, plant those sloppy kisses of affection and surely this is the best ever gift a baby can have i.e. A Mothers Love.

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