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With the growing popularity of social networking sites like My Space, people are looking all over the place for ideas to make their individual site stand out among all the thousands of others. One of the ways people are accomplishing this is by finding cool sites that will help you post fun things like MySpace games and other stuff that is fun and interesting on your page. Most of these are free games where you basically just copy a bit of code and paste it on your My Space page and voilla, you have a game ready to go.

Some of these are cooler than others, and the ones I like best are the ones that offer arcade games . I have always been a big fan of arcades and this is a cool way to get to play some of your favorite games without actually getting in your car and driving to the arcade. On top of that, you can share the games with your friends so they can play too, so they can play a free online game, and on many of these arcades you can actually save high scores, etc., so that you can see who is the resident champion at a given game and how you yourself stand up to the competition.

The concept of putting a free online game on a website to get people to spend time there is not a new one. It has been around on many a forum site for literally years, but what is new is that you can now actually put them on your individual page at almost any of the major popular social networking websites and share them that way. Also, some of these new arcades offer really cool ones, like this maffia game I’ve been playing. This is a different concept because it is more personal and enables a larger number of people to actually host their own web based arcade without being a skilled web developer.

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