May 142020

Incredible but true! Sudoku can kick-start your business!

Is your site suffering from $ dehydration? Web gurus say it’s just a matter of understanding the need for change in your website.

Ever wondered why a website that’s been working quite well for a long time suddenly stops attracting traffic? Visitors to your website are probably bored of viewing the same products, and clicking on the same tired old links.

So, you decide to reformat your website. It does work with some sites, but only seems to be a temporary solution. You decide that your website carries too many product links and that your website needs a focus. This again does work for some.

But then, there are websites with a large number of links which are doing quite well. You emulate such websites and introduce links.

And then you try newsletters. They work for a while. However, when your site visitors tire of reading the same website stuff that you now send them in the newsletter format? You have exhausted all your ideas and energy on your dead site and now you are in a fix. You want an immediate remedy for the problem.

Do what web gurus do when they run out of ideas- take the simplest path to milk your site, eternally – join affiliate programs!

With numerous options available on the net to place advertisements on your site, you are probably too confused to pick up the right one for your site. What you need is some out of the box thinking.

Before you become an affiliate of a particular site, you naturally consider the interests of your customers. You don’t want to drive them away by introducing any junk in your site. So, what do you do?

Edward de Bono’s exercises on lateral thinking takes you by hand and guides you to connect even the most dissimilar ideas. For instance, if your site is about women’s wear, you will want to link it with a site that sells cosmetics. But by doing the conventional thing, you are only joining a host of other websites. So, think lateral!

Instead of linking your women’s wear site to cosmetics, you could link it to a site that sells furniture.

Huh? What does furniture have to do with clothing? Bet that was your reaction. So, where do people keep their clothes? In a wardrobe, right?

Why am I telling you this? Because I have a proposition. I offer a free Sudoku puzzle to all those affiliated to my website.

Why Sudoku? It’s just a game EVERYONE seems hooked on to!

That’s exactly why! Initially, I was not too sure, but gradually, I started receiving extremely positive feedback about the daily sudoku puzzle from my affiliates’ sites.

This encouraged me to offer them a link to the daily Sudoku contest for $25 prize money, hosted at my website

Contests attract traffic . However, a contest with no cash prize may not. And to offer a cash prize, you need sponsors. So, it’s smarter to just link to an ongoing Sudoku contest.

By becoming an affiliate of my, you not only attract traffic to your site. You also gain an affiliate commission every time a visitor from your website buys a product of sudokuvillage. In addition to the daily sudoku contest, sudoku village also sells e-books, e-magazine and other digital products. Now, that should keep your cashbox ringing!

Since Sudoku is the one game that is preferred by adults and kids alike, this sudoku contest link is bound to attract traffic. I’m sure you’ll find my offer even more attractive when I tell you that membership to my site and the contest is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

So, hurry! Link to my site and make your site a cash cow!!

Harvey Intelm,
(Compulsively Addicted Sudoku Player Beyond ALL Hope And Reason)

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