Jun 142020

The gay community has had its own share of ups and downs. And with the world now opening up and accepting them as who they are, it is indeed going to be a triumph for them. And this September, the gay community is going to be sure celebrating another big success for them.

Come the 2nd of September this year which would fall on a Saturday, the world better be headed out towards the very first Gay Motor Show. This is according to an announcement given out by TS Media. TS Media is the publisher of the TopGayer website. This first Gay Motor show would be known as the TopGayer Motor Show. It will be held at the Sophia Gardens in Cardiff, Wales.

“We have been talking about the idea of holding a gay motor show since we launched TopGayer at last year’s Cardiff Mardi Gras. We sponsored last year’s Mardi Gras and had the Welsh launch of TopGayer at the event. The crowd’s response was amazing with everybody asking if we would be having a motor show, we said then that we would hold the world’s first Gay Motor Show in Cardiff as a big thank you to everyone at the event in Cardiff for all their support,” says Rich Tuckwell. Tuckwell is the co-founder of TS Media and he also works as the editor of TopGayer.com.

Tuckwell further explains that the world’s first gay motor show would be an open air event. And since it will be held just a few days part from the Mardi Gras, they are expecting to have a huge number of attendees. And with the gay motor show going to be a free event, there would indeed be quite a turnout of people taking part at the auto show. The show would also be offering not only vehicles but also other automotive stuff that would range from specialist body work to auto parts like Plymouth body parts to paint effect companies showing off their products and services. The group is even marketing the said motor show to be “good clean fun for all the family”.

And it also seems like the support from manufacturers is going to be great. Tuckwell further relays, “We spoke to all the manufacturers to get support for the event and the response was amazing, Mitsubishi and Chevrolet where the first to sign up within days of our email. Chevrolet has even donated a car which we’ll be giving away on the day as the star prize in our Text-2-Win contest. Land Rover really wanted to be at the show but unfortunately budget made it impossible, however their JV Like Dealership jumped at the chance to represent the brand. Toyota World and Cardiff Lexus were next to sign up, closely followed by Saab and Mazda, who’ll be bringing a new hard top convertible MX5 in bright pink.”

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