Jul 262020

One thing that people just don’t realize when they decide to take their home based internet marketing business online is that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

As you’ve probably discovered, internet marketing is much more than putting up a fancy web site and waiting for the traffic to come barreling in. You need a strategy that integrates what you already know with all the stuff you don’t.

But, the kicker is….you have to REMEMBER to use every one of those home based internet marketing business strategies in your sites!!

So, let’s do a little outline right now, so you’ll have a checklist that you can keep near your computer when you launch a new site.

1. When choosing your target market, do plenty of keyword research and build a very long list. You’ll be using this list to target your niche and bringing both paid and natural traffic to your site.

2. Once you’ve built your keyword list, put together a domain name that tries to incorporate one of your keywords. If you can’t, make sure to include at least one keyword in the title tags of your pages.

3. Optimize on-page and off-page to help drive plenty of natural traffic to your pages.

4. Always try to capture the opt-in by giving them great, free content. There’s a lot of crap out there, prove you and your sites are different and are worthy of them giving you their email address.

5. Next, write articles and post comments to related blogs and forums to help spread the word about your product, and with anchor tags that are keyword relevant, get plenty of sites linking to your site, driving up your popularity and page rank.

6. Use your huge keyword list to create a network of satellite websites that drive traffic to your profitable web sites.

7. As far as content goes, try to add personality and flair to everything you do. Remember that people buy from people they like; people they identify with. If your content is “strictly the facts,” then you’re missing out on the whole human aspect of sales.

8. And be sure to monitor, track, and test all that you do. Pay close attention to where your visitors are coming from, and which ones buy and which ones don’t. Monitor your PPC campaigns closely and make subtle changes to constantly improve your results. Split-test your headlines and content, and always strive to better your web pages…which in turn will better your results.

Yes, there is a lot to remember. But, by adhering to the steps, you build yourself a great foundation for a solid, profitable set of websites.

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