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As business owners, you boost your exposure and credibility by writing and submitting many articles. However, how do you compel your reader to visit your website?

How do you let them know you do know your stuff? Easy, write a compelling “about the author” bio at the bottom of your article with a specific description of your expertise to add credibility.

The bio is supposed to hook your readers to visit your website and subscribe to your newsletter. Once you hook them, you’ll get visitors who are:

— likely to forward your ezines to their friends who have the same interests

— willing to recommend your services to others

— likely to buy your products

— likely to subscribe to your ezine or e-newsletter

The cool part is that you’ll increase website traffic FREE – just by writing a compelling 4-line “about the author bio” at the end of your articles.

Take these 2 easy steps to edit your “about the author” bio today:

Step 1 – The first line tells the reader what solution you offer on your website

A mistake some authors make in their “about the author” bio is that they describe their accomplishments– and forget about helping the reader. The website link appears at the end. The reader is not compelled to click on it. He wants a compelling reason to stop and click on your website.

You see, after the reader looked at your article, he wants to know about your expertise and how you can solve his problem. He’s thinking “what’s in it for me?”

Let your website talk about your accomplishments. The ‘about the author’ bio is supposed to hook your readers to visit your website and subscribe to your newsletter. They need to know what info they’ll get when they click on your website.

– Here’s an example:

On your website you help people “learn how to cook Greek meals in less than 20 minutes.” Your website offers an ezine with cooking tips, and an ebook on the history of the famous Greek meals.

The answer to the reader’s “what’s in it for me?” is “I can help you cook a quick Greek meal in less than 20 minutes!” You’re telling them that you’re solving their problem of not knowing what to cook for a quick meal.

Therefore, your bio’s first line would read: Ellena Pakis was raised in a Greek American family. She shares her love for Greek cuisine by helping people learn how to cook a Greek meal in less than 20 minutes on .

It’s on her website where she describes in detail her studies in the Cordon Bleu, and that she’s cooked for prime ministers and presidents.

Step 2 – The second line offers a free test-drive with a free report or e-newsletter.

Now that the reader knows what to expect to see on your website, entice him to a free test-drive of your knowledge. Why? Not everyone who visits your webpage will buy a product in that moment.

Some people want to see that you “know your stuff.” Some want information now and can’t spend more time surfing on a website. You’re answering their “what’s in it for me” question with a clear offer.

Give your readers what they want by offering a FREE report or your free e-zine.

The title of your free report becomes more compelling when it includes numbers or the words ‘how to.’ Think of the headlines you see on magazine covers. They tend to say ‘6 ways to a firmer’ ‘steps to a better.’

– Here’s an example:

Your website helps people save hours by giving tips on automating their emails with an autoresponder. The compelling free offer might look like,

— Click here to Get Your FREE Report on ‘How To Write a 7-day E-course To Double Your Opt-in Subscriptions.’

— Get Your FREE Report On ‘The 7 Things You Must Know Before You Write an Ad’

— Click Here to Learn ‘2 Steps to Writing Compelling Subject Lines.’

Don’t have a free report yet? Don’t guess what people want. Save time by already having an idea of what they want. Here are two ways you can get an idea for your free report.

1) Know your top keywords.

Include in your free offer your website’s specific top keywords. For instance, what keywords did people search for the most this month according to Overture and wordtracker. Make the topic of your free report about your top 3 keywords.

2) The most frequently asked questions by your customers, visitors and subscribers.

What do your visitors ask you most often? You can write a free report that includes three of your most frequently asked questions. You can include these words in your free report title: ’10 most common questions about..,’ or ‘The 7 most common problems’ and ‘how to solve them,’ ‘3 things you must know before.’

To save you time and still get your readers to visit your website and subscribe to your newsletter, send them to the page on your website where the sign up form is. It saves your readers time. If you just put your autoresponder email address, they need to open up their email account, or paste it on their ‘compose’ line. They want your free report NOW so save them some time by providing them with blank sign up form on a page of your website. That page is the link you put on after your free offer.

One of my ‘about the author’ bio reads like

Ashley Keane offers tips on how to start a home based business & profitable internet marketing tips on Need a free strategy to get more sales? Discover how you can get more sales using your email autoresponder! Get your FREE 7-day e-course by visiting

Here’s an example offering a weekly ezine

Anna Overweight No More, a work-at-home mom, shows you the weight loss tips she used to lose 80 pounds from 230 pounds. She reveals how YOU can keep that weight off for good- Subscribe to get your Free Weekly Weight Loss Tips ezine so you can burn fat, increase your metabolism and simple meal recipes click on now

Your FREE offer needs to be compelling enough for them to give you their name and email address. You’ve hooked them. You showed them with your article that you know your stuff. Someone’s more likely to try out your services free before they buy a $100 product. Wouldn’t you? I would.

Now, go ahead and edit your ‘about the author’ bio to get targeted traffic and prospective customers while building up your credibility.

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