Nov 122020

We’re going through some big changes in our household at the moment. We’re having our office rearranged along with two bedrooms. We’re a tidy family and I assumed this would be an easy job. A few new bits of furniture, a few things moved about from here to there and – hey presto!

But that wasn’t the case!

Once we begun we realised that we actually hadn’t been as organised as we thought. We discovered we had collected clutter we hadn’t consciously realised it was there. It’s reminded me how easily clutter creeps into our lives. Before you know it’s become a drain on your energy.

That’s why I recommend a colonic irrigation for your life.

“But I like my ‘things'”, you might say.

Often we do become emotionally attached to things. My partner’s old desk, which was in one of the rooms we are rearranging, is old and tatty, it’s uncomfortable for him to sit at for any length of time and we don’t have the room for it either. I suggested we should pass it onto someone else that could get use from it.

But this brought up something interesting. You might recognise it!

He was reluctant to let the desk go. He told me how the desk had cost £500 a decade ago, that it is classic furniture and how it might come in useful one day. Finally he told me how he’d ‘been through a lot with that desk’.

Ah, emotions! Do you attach emotions to your clutter?

Of course you still have those memories without the physical thing but the ‘thing’ is the direct link, like a key to a door to the memory. Sometimes it’s lovely to have a key to a wonderful memory, other times they become unnecessary or even have negative emotions become attached (after you’ve bumped into it so many times or moved it out of your way to dust so often). And of course if we kept some sort of physical token on every occasion we wouldn’t be able to move in our environment.

So why bother de-cluttering?

Most of us would probably agree that a cluttered environment isn’t the nicest environment to thrive in. In my 16 years of coaching I’ve found that physical clutter is often a reflection of someone’s mind. If you’re anything like me you want to keep your mind focused on the great stuff you want to manifest not the clutter that you set your eyes on whilst glancing around. I’ve also found that clearing out the clutter creates the space in your mind, like a cleanse enabling you to think clearly, things run smoother in your life. That’s why I’ve included a de-cluttering exercise is in my home-study programme as well as in my one to one coaching and workshop.

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Another great reason for de-cluttering is to create space for all the wonderful, positive things you desire to come to you. How can things come to you if your life is already full of stuff?

Of course there are other sorts of clutter too. Things you haven’t communicated to someone that continues to bother you, childhood issues, relationship baggage, to name a few… These need clearing up.

Clutter came up at our CommunitySoul group last week. One lady said her motto was ‘if you don’t love it and don’t use it – bin it!’ Think of the number of times in a week you bring something you’ve bought or acquired into the house and compare that with the number of times you take things out of the house.

Even if, like me, you consider yourself to be a clutter free, organised person it’s worth having a regular clear out. Think of it as a colonic irrigation for the mind and for life. Have a good clear out!


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