Nov 192020

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Do you find getting Targeted Traffic a mystery? Let me show you how to sort that out once and for all.

Back in the good old days when the Internet was still young and the people browsing around were only looking for a handful of things, in those days any traffic was good traffic. All you had to do was sell products or advertising and due to the lack of diversity in the people visiting, you could quite easily make a sale.

Those glory days are long forgotten. Statistics have shown that in the last couple of years, even if you got 20000 hits a month you could still sell hardly anything and not make any money….

There is only one type of traffic worth anything in any successful internet business. TARGETED TRAFFIC. Knowing not only the kind of visitors you want at your site but most of all the kind you don’t want.

Now lets get started with some of the best known, tried and tested methods used by the best to get consistent reliable traffic.

The first and probably most reliable method…. Paying for links. As you know Google or any search engine ranks your page highly if it has links to other websites with high traffic going to them, Why? Why would a website with stacks of traffic promote something it doesn’t believe will make it money… They run a business too.

So you might ask “Why would a big site with lots of traffic give you a beginner a link?” Well as I always say ASK… It won’t hurt.

Another method that works quite well is to keep in regular contact with the webmaster giving him good feedback about his site and once he’s buttered up and in a good mood mention to him that you have a site in a similar market to him and ask for a link. Well if both of those fail one sure way is the time-honoured principle of bribery. Ask for a link. Then if you get rejected make him an offer and you’ll be surprised how many will give in….

Another amazing method which is still horribly under-utilised is the idea of giving away free stuff.

– Create short ebook or reports on specific topics in highly specialised fields that will appeal to your super hungry market.
– Add your URL to every page in a special header or footer as well as on the title page and at the end of the book.
– Then give it away with unrestricted, unlimited reprint and resale rights to the book for FREE.

Now this method gets used a lot in the “how to” crowd but is hardly used in any other field. In fact 90% of the niche markets out there don’t use it at all. If you tell someone that they can do whatever they want with these well then these book are going to spread like wildfire and thousands are going to be given out, now that’s what we call “Viral Advertising”

Now once you have all this Targeted traffic flowing to your site and you are making sales like crazy just think of all the possibilities.

Internet Marketing is changing at a rapid rate and one method used today could be obsolete tomorrow that’s why you need to hone your skills and make sure to keep one step in front of your competition.

Best of luck with all your future prospects.
Ryan Blake.

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