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If you have been in the network marketing arena be it online or offline for a while you will know that there are some downlines that do not help your business grow in any way. This article identifies some downlines that you do not want working with you in your team and explains how to exclude them from your team at the start.

Freebie lookers

Internet Network marketing involves two elements, increasing your network and marketing be it online or offline. These downlines are looking for freebies and have no conception of what a business involves. Any business venture whether online or offline has the need for you to purchase a product and the need to promote the business. These downlines failing to realize this, spend lots of time in an endless search for free ways to promote their business online and like the popular adage “when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. To weed out such people you should always have in your welcome email something that states that you only work with people who are willing to follow your system as it will ensure their success. Tell them that you system involves costs like most other business ventures and can make them money if they work it like you do.

Get rich quick

We all know the reason why many people join internet mlm business ventures it is because of the money. However there is the concept of delayed gratification which is very hard for some people to swallow. They think that because they join online, their profits are “lightning quick”. Some even have the mistaken idea in their mind that they just need to find the “right program” online to make it big. This is patently wrong. Internet Network marketing is like all other business ventures and requires time, effort and training before you become successful. Thus in your marketing material and communications to your downlines, always teach them a system and tell them to work hard at it and not to expect profits to drop from the sky. The fastest way to get this kind of downline is to offer “free” this and “free” that stuff to them as they will not have the right mindset when they join your internet network marketing business.

Complaining and paralysis with analysis

Internet network marketing seems to paralyse people because of the great variety of business opportunities and ideas that are available online. Just looking though some of the internet network marketing business websites will give you an idea of the vastness of this “internet jungle”. I always have downlines asking me about the “next best thing” or complaining about what is wrong about this present business. You want to attract downlines who are serious about working rather than complaining into your internet network marketing business. To do this, some marketers have used the interruption pattern in their sales material. This uses business English which is pitched at a higher level of reader so as to weed out the casual surfer from signing up to join your internet network marketing business.

In conclusion, attracting the right type of downlines is critical to building a good network marketing business online. Spending some time tweaking your advertising copy can reap you dividends in the long term in the form of better qualify of signups and people who are actually willing to work hard online.

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