Dec 242020

I took a look at a new Website recently in response to a request for a site
review on one of my favorite forums. And, while the appearance was pleasing,
there wasn’t really much there. Too often, new folks to the Internet marketing
world make this crucial mistake. They think that if they build a stay at home
job website, customers will automaically show up and start buying stuff. When
those customers don’t materialize, the site owner often gives up and quits. In
order for any stay at home jobsite to attract quality visitors, there are some
things that need to be done. In this article, I will give you a small list of
objectives, along with brief hints on how to go about meeting them. If you
follow through, your site will advance in the search engine rankings, and before
you know it the visitors will be showing up faster than you can count them.

Fact 1: Search Engines Love Content

Involve yourself in an ongoing process of collecting and/or producing articles
for inclusion on your site. There are many sources of articles on the Internet.
Some of them charge a small fee, while others are free. Look for articles that
are relevant to the subject of your site, and add them. If these articles are
rich with the keywords that you wish to target, so much the better. You can also
write your own articles. This allows you to concentrate on the keywords that you
wish to target, and establishes you as an expert in your field. By adding your
resource box, with your URL, to the end of your articles and then submitting
them to other sites and Ezines, you can generate additional traffic to your
site. More about this later. Invite your visitors to submit articles to your
site for publication. This helps to build visitor loyalty, because eveybody
likes to see their name in print;)

Fact 2: Search Engines Love Links

The second thing that you need to do is exchange links with other websites.
Search Engines look to see how many links point to your site and use this
information to gauge the importance of your site. The more links you have, the
better, but look for links that add value for your visitors. Make sure that you
link to quality sites that are somehow related to what your visitors are looking
for. In this way, you will get traffic that is targeted to what you are trying
to sell. This will increase your chances of making sales or signing up
affiliates who have a good chance of being successful in your business. There
are two basic types of links; reciprocal links and one way links. Reciprocal
links occur when you trade links with another website. These are important
because not only do they help in your rankings, they also generate traffic from
the sites that you link to. One way links are a bit different. These are links
that point people to your site, but do not point your visitors away from your
site. As a result, they are more valuable. Not too many webmasters are willing
to give away one way links, but there are a couple of good techniques that you
can use to get them.

1. Write articles and offer them for publication. You will be pleasantly
surprised by the number of sites and Ezines that are looking for quality
articles to use for content. By placing your resource box at the end of the
article, and including a link to your site, you can generate dozens, if not
hundreds of one way links to your site. To find sites that accept articles,
simply do a search for ‘Free Website Content.’ You will find several good sites.
Also think about joining the Directory of Ezines. Many of the publications
listed there accept articles, and some of them will even invite you to write for
them on a regular basis.

2. Visit several forums and bulletin boards that deal with stay at home jobs.
Especially, those that are directly related to your field of expertise. Many of
these allow you to include your URL in your signature block. By participating in
these forums, you will be able to create many more one way links to your site.
Just make sure that you offer sound advice, and make relevant posts. If you
don’t, you could be considered a nuisance or worse, a spammer.

The addition of content in the form of articles and links to your site should be
an ongoing process. If you concentrate on these two things and continually add
to your site, you will not only move up in the search engine rankings, but you
will end up with a site that has great value to your visitors. Add to your site
every day. Remember, you are in competition with a lot of other related
websites, and chances are,they are already be doing this.

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