Jan 212021

Putting off tasks, leaving them to the last minute, arriving late, leading a chaotic life with stress, resentment and guilt, but worst of all missing out on opportunities…

Saying I have to do this or I have to do that , being gripped by the panic of impending deadlines, beating yourself up, kicking out in resentment and rebellion for missing the goal posts for something you felt forced to do…

Making excuses, I can t afford it or I lack the confidence or saying This doesn t work… and that doesn t work without even making the effort to find a way…

Hanging onto the things you ve been doing for years, while not starting anything new until the other project is finished. Perfecting, perfecting, perfecting it s a great trap…

This is the habitual way of the Leader in Procrastination.

But hey, don t beat yourself up for not doing STUFF”. Ignore the jibes of the less worldly and wise. Maybe you ve been the shrewd one. Maybe it is for the best that you didn t do THINGS . Maybe stuff and things just haven t been right in a while.

Deep down you know that you ve been marking time. Deep down you know the moment has not been right for you to seize life. Deep down you know your time to act will come; your moment when you no longer HAVE TO , but WANT TO .

And if that want hits you this week; if that want packs a punch in your gut today; if that want stirs you in an hour, a minute or now, you ll know to act. And act you will, striking like a viper.

This is the Leader in Procrastination… biding their time.

Many others are just like you now, marking time. Many others were like you yesterday, but then decided to strike today and grasp the life they have before them. They have chosen to shrug off the have to and discover the want to ; they have chosen to dream a little, to find passion, to find the leader within them that will bring love and life in golden bursts of sunlight.

They have chosen to re-find their gifts and use them in distinctive ways that touch and change other peoples lives. They have shrugged the existence. They have chosen to drop the clinking chains of education, religion, family values and peer pressure and be true to their souls, not what they are told their souls must be.

And you can join them. You too can move beyond the have to to the want to . You can discover who you really are, what you really want to do. You can be a leader.

But what if you don t act this week, this day, this hour, this minute? What if you put it off and let it go now? Well then perhaps the best moments of your life will never be. Perhaps your dreams of leadership, love, laughter and light will dissolve and then where will you be.

In twenty years you will be older, more disappointed, maybe haggard and resentful; spitting mad at the love you lost or never was; spewing that you have to work such long hours for little money and bitter at the world for denying you the wealth others have in abundance.

But who will be the one to feel the hurt? Who will be the one to cry on the mattress?

Not you my friend, not you.

Not you because you were a leader in the chrysalis – a leader in Procrastination.

Not you because you are not that person now. Not you because this week, this day, this hour, this minute you have changed. You have woken up to your true power. You understood that this procrastination was protecting you from stuff you have to do.

Now you have found a want with in you. A want to discover you; a want to discover your purpose; your meaning; your direction; a want to be who you really are; a want to do what you really… want!

Take that want now and do something with it now. Explore. Have fun. Open up to the vast field of potentiality out there and be free of the chains of procrastination.

You are a leader now, no longer in procrastination.

Find yourself

Jo Ball x

Coach & Founder, Unstoppable Life

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