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This may come as a surprise… That all these PLR articles
you can get from these member sites will do you no good at
all. Why you may ask? It is because imagine there might be
100,200 or more members in the site and their all using that
article you’ve chosen.

That means that same article will be all over the net on
different sites. Google knows this and actually penalizes
you for having what they call ‘Duplicate Content’.

As you no doubt already know, writing articles is probably
the most effective way to promote your web site. It’s a very
simple principle – publishers want a vast quantity of good
quality content that they do not have to pay for; you
provide that content, with the proviso that at the bottom of
your article, they include your resource box with a link to
your web site.

It’s a win-win situation. With your article published on
heaps of web sites, and in several ezines, it’s enough to
set your traffic counter spinning.

But if you use these re-used articles from these membership
sites, you are going to get penalized.

Hence, you won’t get indexed at all by the major search
engines, you might even end up in Google’s sandbox.

Here’s what you can do about it…

You can hire a ghost writer from Elance or Scriptlance or
one of those outsourcing companies.

That is if you have a lot of cash, you can spend a lot
of $$$ doing this.

There’s no doubt you’ll get some good info, but you have to
check which writer you’re going to use.

Not all writers will or can write how you want your articles

No matter why you’re writing an article, it’s your
responsibility to make it be interesting – otherwise no one
will read it. (Except you.)

By writing your own article, it will be unique and be
accepted a lot better on the search engines.

You might think that you couldn’t write an article if you
tried. Don’t kid yourself, I wrote this one your reading

All I did was study some good programs and e-books on how to
write them.

And took it from there, it’s really good fun too, with some
of this training material, you’ll learn where to find
material about your subject, and use it as an idea for your
own article.

You must never copy the other article, but you can get some
good idea’s from subjects on the net.

Just look up your subject on Google and get some good idea’s
and put them into your article.

You will not believe how easy YOU can come up with a 400-500
word article.

I’ve done about 5 now and can submit them to all the article
sites, which love new content.

You’ll have more chance of getting picked up by other
marketers if your article is unique.

People, web masters, search engines, article sites all love
fresh new content.

It is a well-known fact that ‘Content-Is-King’, it is a big
rage at the moment, or actually for quite a long time for
the smart marketers.

If you’re not using fresh, new, unique content on your site
then you’re way behind the eight ball and you’ll be wasting
your time.

There’s an easy way out of this, learn to write your own

And now you can a FREE report that shows you exactly how to
do it.


You now should have a good understanding and realize the
importance of fresh unique content. Now you can learn how to
write your own.

Now what are you going to do with this information, are you
going to take action and get those unique articles out there
with your URL in them and get loads of other sites promoting

Or are you going to put this away and hope some magical
Genie will appear and get you listed on the search engines
with no effort at all?

Don’t kid yourself, you need to put in some work to get the
results you want with article submission and uniqueness.

Len Cecchetto has studied the importance of writing unique
articles and now writes constantly for his own websites.
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