Mar 252021

Weather you know or not, if you are looking for some serious SEO (search engine optimization) you have to know about submitting articles to directories, blogs, press releases, etc.

If you are familiar with writing articles and submitting it to the right place on the world wide web, then you know how much time does it take to start doing it and building your own directory of website to submit to. And you know how much time you have to take in order to obtain a reasonable result. Needless to say it is not an easy and fast task to do.

Well there is good news for all of us here doing SEO. I just came across this impressive software wich :

Helps to improve your search ranking (because of hundreds of quality backlinks that quickly add-up over time),

Gets your pages into the search engines quick ( because of search engine spiders pouring into your sites),

Establishes you as the expert ( and makes you “famous” in your market),

And sends you FREE targeted traffic from website owners and e-zine publishers who pick-up your articles.

Simply put the results articles provide means they are a “must have” part of everybodys promotion arsenal.

This is a new tool from Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson.

You may be familiar with some of the other tools under our belts, including Press Equalizer, Traffic Equalizer, Ad Word Analyzer, and many other tools that increase profits and save time for marketers, webmasters, or search engine experts like yourself!

Instant Article Submitter is an easy-to-download PC software you can run right on your computer.

It submits to the major directories (most with high page-rank) so you get maximum exposure without having to labor for days on end.

Instant Article Submitter, does this job and you can find out more by visiting its website at:

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