Mar 312021

One profitable way to make money on the internet without having your own product is to market resale rights products.

A resale rights product is a product that you have the right to resell and keep 100% of the profits. There are various ways that you can make money from resale rights including:

– Setting up a website with a sales page for the product then promoting that page and keeping the profits.

– Offering the resale rights product as a bonus for customers who buy your product or signup for your business opportunity.

– Bundling the product up with numerous other products and selling a package of resale rights products.

– Selling the product or bundle of products on EBay.

– Offering the product as an incentive for people to sign up to your ezine or newsletter.

Before you go away and do this you need to be sure that you understand the different types of resale rights products and what you can and can’t do with each type.

Most resale rights products fall into one of the following categories:

(1) Giveaway Rights – this means that you can give the product away for free. For example, you may want to offer a product as an incentive or a thank you to your website visitors or newsletter subscribers. You are not allowed to charge anything for these types of products.

(2) Resell Rights – this means that you can sell the product and keep 100% of the profits for yourself. There is no need to make any royalty payments for the product. Sometimes the product may come with restrictions, for example you may have to charge a minimum price for it or you may not be allowed to give the product away for free. This sort of restriction is put in place to prevent de-valuation of the product.

(3) Master Resell Rights – this means that you can give the product away, resell it, bundle it up with other products, include them in your own membership site and pass the resell rights to others so that they can sell the product themselves.

(4) Private Label Rights (PLR) – this is the most flexible type of rights and means that you actually get access to the source files for the product. This may include the word documents, the software source files, the image source files and so on. This allows you to modify the product in anyway you see fit. For example you could add new content to the product, change the images on the sales page, change the name of the product, add your own name as the creator of the product and lots more.

This is just a general guide to the different types of resale rights. Remember that the original creator of the product may have placed additional restrictions on the product. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read the license that comes with the product to ensure that you understand these restrictions before you go ahead and market the product.

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