Nov 232022

This is a question that many homeowners find themselves in. With cable television costing so much these days, people are looking for a better solution. Is Direct TV that solution? While there can be a case made for both sides, the Direct TV options can be numerous. When you analyze this question, you will want to talk about price but you’ll also want to consider ease of use, availability of programming, and high quality technology. So, who wins the battle of Direct TV versus cable?


On one side you have cable. This is the standard choice for many because it is what they know. Cable was around for a long time in mainstream television and therefore you go with what you know. Cable now offers many more channels than it once did. You can get high definition systems as well as such products that can record shows for you. Cable programming is versatile, taking in many of the various needs the consumers have. But, the price of cable is something that throws many off. To get the good stuff, you’ll have to pay for it.

Direct TV

On the other side, you have Direct TV. While the equipment to use Direct TV may be more expensive, it is often offered at discounted price or even offered for free when you subscribe to the right options. Direct TV offers a lower price then. And, it does offer more channels as well. Does that mean that they are going to be ones that interest you? We still think you’ll find that with 135 channels, there is still “nothing good on” at times. You also can get into digital options as well as high definition quality.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line comes down to the fact that you can get more from Direct TV than you can from standard cable and it will likely cost you less. Is it the right option for you? Check out the pricing plans that are available to make that final decision on Direct TV.

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