May 252023

Today, many webmasters even experts believe that ranking high in a search engine takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. But is this true, it may be true to you but not to me!
“Getting a high search engine ranking is not an overnight game!” this is what I also used to believe that a lot of experts still do but very soon… EVERYTHING CHANGED.

This article is all about how I ranked no.1 in MSN in just 7days and how can you do this!
It was 8th,may 2006 when I first submitted my URL to some of the top search engines including Yahoo, Google and… MSN. On 10th, may 2006 I published my whole site and on 15th may I was shocked to see my website on 12the rank for economical search engine optimization and no.1 for economical search engine optimization firm in MSN search.

I was shocked because I had never thought that MSN will index my whole site in just 5 days and also will reward me top rankings in its listings. I thought that it would take at least 2 weeks to just get into its database but I think it was my optimized site which supported MSN to give it high rankings.

So, what I concluded from it was that my strategy for my website was absolutely correct. So, if it can work for me then why can’t it work for you.

So What Was My Strategy?
A Good keyword research – I performed a very good keyword research using Google and Overture’s Inventory tool. If you want to rank high you need to perform a good keyword research because if you are targeting a very competitive keyword and your site is new then you have no chance. Keyword research is what that will bring you targeted traffic so try to perform a good keyword research it’s useless to compete for highly competitive keywords just to get high amount of traffic. Don’t bother about the traffic they generate just target less competitive keywords and phrases where you have some chance to win the race. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

Keyword Density and Utilization – MSN gives a great importance to the keyword density of your page and also to the keyword density in the first 1000 characters used in your web page. Its better to use a density of 4-5%. This why I used my most important keywords at the top of each page which really supports my rankings in MSN. But always remember that stuffing will not give you rankings just be descriptive and focused to your content and you will rank according to what you deserve.

Keywords in Title: Title once again, now everyone of you would be knowing that Title is one of the most important ones so, it is strongly recommended that you use your important keywords in the Title tag first and keep the density in the title between 30-40% and always remember to be descriptive rather than filling it with keywords because natural is what that is favored by the search engines. Stuffing keywords in the Title like : SEO, SEO Firm, SEO Services, SEO India will not work except of stuffing you should prefer something like: SEO Firm India Providing Quality SEO Services

Keywords Used In Incoming Links To Your Site – Keywords used in incoming links to your site is the most important factor for your ranking. Use the same keywords in your links text that you use in Title, this is what which have boosted my rankings up the order if I remove the keywords from the incoming links then my rankings may drop again. So, the best thing to do when building links is that use your important keywords in the tag rather than using your company name. Example:

An Ordinary Link: Vistadivine – an economical search engine optimization firm.

A Good Link: Search Engine Optimization Firm – an economical search engine optimization firm in India.

To see a good example of fully optimized page visit my website and take a close look at our source code just copy it and open it in an editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver and you will see the difference. Take a close look at all the things we have used on our pages and try to use it on your website for your keywords.

But also remember don’t try to be oversmart or don’t do anything foolish with MSN, if you have some questions or have some doubt of what to do then just mail me at and I will help you.

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