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Studies and books are no more confined to pen and paper. In the era of computers books can be read as well as written electronically. Such an assimilated source of information and amusement on Internet is known as e-book. An e-book thus refers to a book that is available in electronic format. Most often e-books come in Adobe PDF or e-book Reader format, or in Microsoft’s LIT format but e-books are also available in several other formats. In comparison to numerous others a good e-book is one that makes effective use of technology, with tables of contents that link to the right chapters and search capabilities. An e-book can also present links to other websites and files.

However you may have an e-book that has novel and original content and is a perfect solution to problems of the readers but the ideal customers will purchase your e-book only when they have heard of it before and they know well about the task that your e-book can accomplish for them. Thus it becomes important for the author to also promote or publicize his e-book in all best possible ways. E-book promotion is a definite and fundamental step to not just acquire a desired outcome of your e-book but also to stand best among the rest.

The foremost step in e-book promotion can be letting people see some part of your e-book for free. This is quite a common strategy often adopted by best selling authors who serialize the first several chapters of their latest releases in magazines. All you have to do in this case is to hunt for some websites or newsletters in consonance with what is written in your e-book. Make a nearly 500-1000 words excerpt from your e-book that can be read as a free article providing information on the topic. Don’t forget to mention your name, the e-book’s name and the publisher’s URL in the byline. Submit your article to different article alleys and ‘zines. You must even browse for contemporary and past literary award winners and their works. There you will also find submission requirements and instructions to submit your work for reflection.

Secondly try to mention the e-publisher’s URL on your e-book cover art. This is helpful when the cover is used to represent your work on other websites or in printed matter. You can also pick up your local newspaper and make a reference there of your latest e-book as an ideal gift for any occasion.

Look for advertisements in the Sunday newspaper. In order to make good business as well as promote your e-book present your services to any and every comer. You can also try the channel of radio by engaging in discussions held on your topic. Here you can give and also seek advice as an e-author.

E-book promotion should also be done with the help of some commonplace remedies such as putting up the poster of the cover page in your office, home, cubicle etc. Make sure that you include your e-publisher’s URL in the frame. Try that maximum people pay heed to the e-book’s poster.

If written and publicized in an appropriate manner, e-book can be extremely beneficial to its author in terms of money and fame.

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