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The Art of Becoming Wealthy
Copyright ? 2006

The concept behind any form of wealth is creating income.
Are you satisfied with your current income? Probably not.
Have you ever wondered why this is so? A typical case,
shared often at seminars, is that of a person who has
constant challenges with money but disapproves of
accumulating wealth, implying that it is dirty and that it
spoils and changes people.

Further, this person is uncomfortable with people in
business who have more money and yet he or she can’t
succeed. What should such a person do? Clearly this person
is carrying around a mental image that says: “If you have
much money, you’ll be ruined by it and you don’t want that.
So, it is better to remain poor than seek wealth.” The
consequence of such thinking is, not surprisingly, a lack
of money.

Get rid of these thoughts if you want to be wealthy
someday. The Law of Income says that wealth is first
created in the mind. A Wealthy Self-Image People who can’t
imagine themselves wealthy are not yet mature enough to
become wealthy.

Everything begins in the mind as a thought – life is a game
that is directed from between your ears. If you can’t “see”
yourself with money, then your subconscious still doesn’t
have a clear picture of how to act and therefore cannot
help you get there.

In fact, whatever picture you hold of yourself in your
subconscious mind is the person your mind is busy ensuring
you are. If your self-image is one of a poor person or
someone “struggling to get ahead,” then that is who you
will be. Make sure you create and nurse positive pictures
of yourself.

Why You Are Not Wealthy Today? There are two reasons that
you don’t have as much money today as you desire:

1. You didn’t think about or plan for today before it
arrived. Had you been more aware, then, that you would
always need money and acted on that awareness in the past,
you would be wealthier today than you are right now. Why?
Because, you would have intentionally saved money, perhaps
even by making small sacrifices over the years or invested
money. Even small amounts, and would therefore have more
money today than you currently have.

Make a list of your expenses for one month; you’ll quickly
discover how many unnecessary things you buy and how much
you could therefore set-aside for tomorrow. If you want to
free yourself from financial troubles, then start putting a
portion of your money into a special account.

2. The work you have now isn’t bringing in enough money.
There are many ways to increase, even maximize, the
financial and non-monetary rewards you earn from your job.
Ridding Your Path of Obstacles The unfavorable financial
situation you are in usually comes from a very specific

Those who do not have money have usually been taught to
believe that money is dirty or that it can’t be earned in
an honest way. So how will you find your fortune, if your
subconscious is being fed with things like, “All rich
people are dishonest and I don’t want to be like that.”?
What follows is clear, perhaps you believe that money
changes, even spoils people.

If you hold this to be true, wealth will elude you. You
have to be clear about the following fact: “Money itself
doesn’t mean anything – it’s just a piece of paper, a tool
that can be used to trade for material goods.” Money is a
“stand-in” for the things you want to buy. Does this mean
that all the things you buy are bad and rotten? If that’s
true, why do people desire new cars? Imagine your job pays
you “in cars” instead of money – would you say now that
cars are bad and rotten?

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