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If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Virginia Beach vacationing, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some aspects on Virginia Beach vacationing.

For folks living in the Northeastern part of the United States, a vacation in Virginia Beach may fit every need.

Many residents of Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania find that getting there is a fairly easy drive, ranging from 4 to 7 hours. New Englanders also visit Virginia Beach, apparently feeling that a 12 hour drive is worth it. (Should flying be preferred, the Norfolk airport shuttle serves the tourist area in a convenient and efficient manner.)

The reason that Virginia Beach is so popular is because it offers something for everyone, and any type of vacation:

With the slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers”, it is a favorite place for couples looking for a getaway. Should they wish a quiet and relaxing escape, numerous hotels offer private oceanfront balconies, in-room jacuzzis, room service and intimate dining. Single pals traveling together will find that dance clubs, bars and karaoke nights offer fun opportunities to meet new friends. For those who enjoy the challenge of water sports, activities such as parasailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing and boogie boarding easily fill up the day; all are available for rent (as are beach chairs and umbrellas). Sunbathers will find this beach to be the cleanest on the eastern seaboard; in fact, one of the newer trends is to go onto the sand after the machines have swept the beach at sunrise and write large messages in the sand for friends and families whose rooms overlook the beach! Those with younger families can easily find hotels and motels that have separate wading or baby pools, within walking distance of fast food and pizza shops. For this younger crowd, evenings can be filled with visits to an amusement park, miniature golf courses, arcades and, in the summer, entertainment by jugglers and magicians. Older children and teens enjoy outdoor music, the fishing pier, and private offerings such as the Va. Beach Ghostwalk and Pirate Adventure cruise, while older adults may prefer a dinner cruise. Men may especially enjoy deep sea fishing charters and professional quality golf courses, and shoppers of all ages will be in heaven visiting the countless shops which offer everything from inexpensive trinkets to fine jewelry.

The resort area is, primarily, a 2 mile stretch whose blocks are easily numbered from 1 to 32. There are many accommodations and restaurants off this beaten path, utilized by those who wish to keep a distance from the crowds, but it’s in this section that the majority of hotels and facilities are located. Along the eastern side are the Atlantic Ocean, the beach, and a strip of cement between the beach and the hotel lawns. This is what is known as the “Boardwalk”, and although there are no boards, it’s where the millions who visitor Virginia Beach walk, especially at night. It actually consists of two paths, providing one for bicyclists and surrey drivers, and one for walkers, scooters, and skateboarders, separated by lovely landscaping. (The wisdom behind this becomes evident when a child tries to maneuver a bike around a 6 person surrey!)

In comparison with most resorts, there are no commercial facilities on the “Boardwalk”. This means that all of the hundreds of thousands of oceanfront rooms have a completely unobstructed view of the ocean. With every one having its own balcony, each sunrise finds hundreds on their patio, aiming their lenses at the horizon. Another special treat is to see some of the soldiers from nearby Naval Station Norfolk doing their early morning calisthenics on the beach or jogging the length of the boardwalk.

If you don’t have details regarding Virginia Beach vacationing, then you might make a bad choice on planning your trip. Don’t let that happen: keep reading.

The oceanfront hotels are actually on Atlantic Avenue. On the opposite side of Atlantic Avenue are shops, restaurants, and activities. Since this is a flat city, walking for even 10 blocks is quite easy. During the summer season, there are old-fashioned guest trolleys that travel the length of this resort area for a reasonable fare, and for further travel, taxis are available.

If one has their car, however, it is simple to navigate the roads around the resort area to visit other restaurants or facilities. The road one block west of Atlantic is Pacific, and there a guest will find additional, less expensive lodging and additional eateries. About 5 minutes west, a visitor will discover shopping centers with chain stores, groceries and gas stations-appearing like any typical suburb.

In every hotel, and on almost every corner, are free visitor magazines which list maps, places of interest, religious worship, local rules, emergency numbers, and coupons. The locals’ southern hospitality and approachability should put one’s mind at rest that guests are indeed welcomed and respected-and not only during the summer season.

There are events planned during every month of the year, and two of the more exciting ones are the Neptune Festival in September and the Nautical Christmas Light Display over the holidays. Sand sculpting contests, music festivals, parades, arts and craft shows-there is always something happening in Virginia Beach, either on the beach or at the convention center.

Oceanfront hotels during the summer season usually start around $200 per night, US. The rate is discounted after Labor Day, and some facilities offer deeper discounts during mid-winter. Hotels on the other side of Atlantic Ave. are less costly. There are many smaller motels that offer inexpensive prices even during the high season, but they are usually several streets back from the beach, and may be rather inconvenient if traveling with children and related beach paraphernalia.

Although quite hot in summer, Virginia Beach does not enjoy those temperatures all year, although it usually is about 10 degrees warmer than the Northeastern U.S. Attire is beach casual, and although some folks do change into sporty casual at night, it’s not the place where one feels the need to “dress to impress”.

Everything a person may need, or have any desire to do, can be done in Virginia Beach in a clean, safe, fun and pleasant atmosphere. Sea, sun, shells-it’s all there, along with so much more!

Knowing enough about Virginia Beach vacationing to make better plans cuts down on the fear factor. If you apply what you’ve just learned, you should have nothing to worry about,


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