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Adult Acne– I left my heart on the floor when I awoke this morning,
looked in the mirror and saw six nasty pimples on my face. My wedding is in two
days. What am I going to do?

I’ve got a big problem I just don’t need right now. I only have two hundred
things left to do before the wedding. I can’t deal with these pimples right

“Don’t panic”, I said to myself. “Relax, sit down. Now what do I know about
this problem and what do they call this mess on my face?”

Then I heard a strange voice. I wrote down what the voice said and it forms
the remainder of this article. The voice said the following:

What is it? It’s, gasp…, ADULT ACNE!

Relax, all is not lost. There is hope. Don’t despair. I’m here to help you
kill the pimples, the blackheads and the blemishes.

Adult acne is curable. Let me say that again. Adult acne is curable.

There are now more adult acne treatments than ever before.

Disclaimer: consult your doctor before following or
relying on any of the information in this article.


The most likely cause is hormonal imbalance in the body, irrespective of
gender. Other causes may be as follows:

– Skin Heredity
– Environmental allergies
– Stress
– Menstrual
– Drugs
– Candidiasis
– Nutritional deficiencies

Your skin is exposed to pollution like smog or just dirty air. Your skin
collects all sorts of bacteria, dirt, dust, grime and debris. When the dirt or bacteria lands on the pore,they eventually get trapped and the pores become
clogged, which leads to acne.


Some adults go into great despair about their acne. Teenagers they assume
they’ll grow out of it. Acne Dysmorphia is a rare syndrome where the individual
gets deeply depressed about their adult acne.

Thank goodness this doesn’t happen much.


Adult acne can be cured. Keep your face clean. I like to clean my face with
water and baking soda either before I retire, in the morning or both. It unclogs
the pores and removes dead skin. Then apply a good moisturizer. Try it. It

Touching is probably one of the most often overlooked reasons for adult acne.
Break the habit of putting your hands on your face! Also rubbing or bracing your chin is another common problem while thinking.

Do not rub, touch, or itch your skin with your hands. Your hands contain a
lot of bacteria that can cause acne flare-ups.

Doctors say that your face is the dirtiest part of your body. Why? It’s
because it is the body part most exposed to the elements. Also one that is most
touched by our hands.

Therefore, carry a small plastic bottle of waterless hand cleaner or
sanitizer. Use it frequently during the day. If you are tempted to touch your
face then such hand cleaning will reduce the possibility that adult acne is


Here are two methods of adult acne treatment.

The first is to cleanse the skin. Next you steam it thoroughly to remove the
acne. Cleansing may be done with vinegar, diluted with water. Some recommend a
solution of 8 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Experiment with the solution until
you find the best formula for your skin. Finally moisturize your skin to prevent

The next acne treatment method is to use benzyl peroxide. Try the proportion
of 5 parts water to 1 part benzyl peroxide daily. At a minimum apply it once or
twice a week if your skin will not tolerate the daily application.

Why? It’s because this solution kills bacteria, helps reduce oils in the skin and opens the pores. Clogged pores are a primary acne producer. Therefore with open pores it is easier to clean the dirt inside of them.

All methods of acne
treatment may be slow in producing results. So who are you goanna call and what
are you going to do when the hot date, prom, party or your wedding is looming
and you got zits? Do you really, really want the answer? Of course you do.

Go to a licensed esthetician (aesthetician) and ask them to extract those
pimples and zits. Like the two estheticians I have at Next Salon in Santa
Monica, California, these professionals will leave you zit free with a smooth,
younger appearing and radiant face. You’ll also be relaxed by the treatment as a limited upper body massage is usually included.

Finally if you have a complicated condition, please see your friendly
Dermatologist for adult acne.

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