Oct 262023

A Bollard ash column is a very different form of ashtray for the outdoors. This is a standalone ashtray. The Bollard ash column has a removable inner cylinder that can be removed and emptied. It has also another unique feature. It is padlocked at the very bottom therefore giving it its distinct name. This is also another type of outdoor ash tray. This model is vandal proof, like most all the others. There is no chance of vandalism with these types of outside ashtrays. Litter and butts are kept out of sight leaving clean premises with which to greet your customers. So you are in compliance no matter what the law about outside smoking. This keeps the smoking area clean and the area around it neat and tidy.

With a Bollard ash column, these also come is various colors and at various costs, depending on what material you order and where you got your Bollard ash column. This is just the way of business. You keep both smoking and non smoking patrons happy with this beauty. Litter compliance? This won’t be hard to do with the possession of the Bollard ash column on your premises or at your place of business.

This Bollard ash column will definitely be an asset in keeping your premises clean and free from trash. This adds an extra bonus as this enhances the image of your business as a clean, well kept business. This will also bring more business, as people judge a business by how clean it is as to whether or not they will bring their business to your business. So having this Bollard ash column is definitely an asset that you will see pay for itself again and again.

Think of the money that you will save on cleaning and maintenance, by having this jewel around. No fines for being out of law compliance either as the site will be as clean as a spring rain. This as has been said before is what your business will ultimately be judged by, its cleanliness. This is just the way that consumers are.

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