Oct 282023

Do you think you “own” copyrighted software you “purchase”? Think beneath the skin. Do you really own the software for which you shelled out a significant sum? The answer is a solid NO. No, you are not the owner of the proprietary software that you think you purchase. Instead, you purchase only license to use the program for your purposes. When you pay for a piece of software, what you actually do is paying a license fee plus support costs.

Most times we don’t think we need to read the license agreement that comes with proprietary software. As you read, you will understand that you are only allowed to use the software as it is. Sure you are promised some support, but how many of end users actually use such an option?

If you owned the piece of software that you purchased, you would be free to make any modifications to the software. You will be able to add new features or remove unwanted features. Think if it is possible with proprietary software solutions.

With open source software, a developer is free to modify any software he purchased under open source agree and resell it for a profit. It is however imperative for the developer to release the software under open source license. He or she may make any number of modifications and keep the source code of the developed version to themselves, provided they use it for their own purposes and not distribute to others.

Thus you will find open source software is not just about reduced costs. It also gives you better control over your business activities. The most shining example of enterprise open source software is Google™. The company that presently diversified into many different business areas from its original search engine use open source software in their servers located throughout the world.

According to Google™ it is taking your destiny to your own hands. There is no need to wait for the software developer company come up with changes or modifications. In house developers make the necessary modification in a matter of days or even hours. It would take many weeks for the developer company to come up with a solution for immediate problems.

Are you ready to use open source software for your enterprise? Are you willing to take advantage of lower costs, true rights of ownership and upgrading a solution according to your specific requirements? It is time to think deeply about the subject.

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